• Introducing Abhijeet Kothari At The Cyber World

    by  • April 28, 2008 • Amol Wagh, Exclusive, General, Latest News, Network Security • 0 Comments

    I am very happy to announce that one more computer geek is joining Hackers Enigma. I have found this guy working dedicatedly on the hardware section of the computer systems and networks.

    Abhijeet Amrut Kothari is 19 and from Pune city of India. He is a computer Engineering student.
    This might be his very first introduction in the world of internet but he is not at all new in the computer systems and has great experience in computer hardware.

    I am working with him from almost one month now and we discovered many new things that can help people to make their computing experience much better.

    Abhijeet will join HE as a hardware analyst and he will work on various things , take some tests and surveys and also give his re views on laptops, motherboards, processors etc.,

    These Reviews and the results are totally done by considering the end user experience. Abhijeet will also give comparisons on various processors and other hardware which will make it better to choose your own system.

    I shared my knowledge in software, hackers and crackers here on HE but as you all know introducing hardware section make my blog more complete.

    Very soon Abhijeet is going to start three new sections at HE named Download, History and Videos. Videos will be exclusively made for Hackers Enigma visitors to make their computing better and also some videos related computer and internet security.

    Abhijeet will manage these sections completely and you can request for specific product review or video to him, and we’ll try to make post on it too.

    My experience of working with him gives me confidence that he will rock on HE and in the world of internet too.

    Thank you all for reading.

    Amol Wagh


    Author is a Tech blogger & loves to share his work on web by writing guidelines for Ethical Hacking students & Security professionals. Performing various types of hacking from pen test to smartphone hacking – He enjoys hacking just for personal research purpose. Working with more of 'grey as well as black hat' hackers for learning advanced hacking as well as defending techniques & share them with learners. His prime area of research is Cyber Criminals & currently working on a Video Product Development to teach hacking & Pen Testing for absolute beginners.