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Well, I am basically from the field of Civil Engineering. I am passionate about Ethical Hacking & Animation.

Its Me - Amol Wagh
It’s Me – Amol Wagh



















In Ethical Hacking, I am done with topics like network scanning, enumeration, passive attack gathering, legal issues study, IDS, spoofing, phishing, Trojans, black box, white box, vulnerabilities & tools of hackers. Now I am working on web hacking, viruses & their security measures.

In Animation, I am just a student working on theories, principals & history of animation. And I have long way to go in this field. It’s my dream to work with ‘Pixar Animation Studios, which I hope will be accomplished in coming three years.

You must be amazed to know that despite of being a Civil Engineer & Ethical hacking geek I have chosen Animation as my actual career. But folks, It gives me energy & satisfaction. And yes, this is what I am if you really wanted to know.

But don’t worry, I will never stop researching on ethical hacking, and this blog will be alive till my last breath.


Back in January 2008, I started my blogging career with Windows Registry Blog, which received good response in its first three months. Kioskea.net offered me the blog partnership which is a technology community from France.

Then in Feb, I met Satish Gandham online, which was a turning point for me. I first wrote for his blog GeniusHackers.com which got quite a good response. Then he suggested me to launch my own .com website and helped me through out to set my new blog www.hackersenigma.com on 28th March 2008. (It’s my sites birthday, Come on wish me be lated Happy Birthday)


Times of India invited me for writing in its City Plus Newspaper named Nashik Times. Here I wrote two columns about Ethical Hacking & Blogging as a career option. The newspaper circulating through more than 3 lakhs of homes in Nashik, given me the popularity in the city. This helped me to stand apart from millions of bloggers out in the blogosphere.


By getting featured in Nashik Times I got more partners in the blogging, very first was Prateek Dixit, who owns the The Techno Club .

Second is Ankur Gandhi, who owns Hacking Ethics , which is an interesting hacking stuff blog.

I got many other partnerships but with these three partners & Satish Gandham, we have done some great projects mentioned below.


1. Green Planet Campaign : For a social cause, to promote the green buildings construction technology, I have developed a website which includes the general and detailed information about Green Buildings, its construction material & guidelines.
Because this technology reduces the GHG emission, it is helpful to save our mother earth.

2. Budding Bloggers :
These is one of the great initiative taken by Satish Gandham, who is providing free domain names & dedicated hosting servers for all new aspiring bloggers. This helped many of talented bloggers to brand their blogs.

My Network:

Following are some of new blogs I have started to grow my network & knowledge in different fields.

1. SEO Blogging Tips : I have faced many problem during my initial blogging career. So I started this blog which covers topics like Search engine optimization and professional blogging tips.

2. Bramhaa Animation Blog: It is my personal interest & I am studying in the same. So I’ve started Bramhaa animation blog, so that I can help aspiring animation students in character designing, story writing, modeling, rigging & similar fields. Basic aim is to teach them principals & history of animation.

3. Digital Conqurer: It is a technology blog covering topics like gaming, hardware, telecom, business news and many such topics which creates buzz in the world.


After all I am an Engineer, and I live my life in semesters. My last semester’s (Jan-June) goal was to grow my network, which I have done very well. But I lacked in managing its posting frequency & quality.

From July 2009, I will be giving you kind of “Best of Me” knowledge through my blogs.
For that I have created a small team & big strategies to be one of the best bloggers of year 2010. I will not assure to be the biggest, but I will maintain my quality & try to be the best in your hearts. Hope I will succeed .

My Special Thanks …

To, Satish Gandham, for his guidance & help which today makes me stand apart from the crowd.

To, My all partners, who are always helping me & trusting in my every project. The names are Prateek Dixit, Rohit & Ankur Gandhi.

To, Abhijeet, Dinesh, Moksh & Rashmi who helped me to write this blog & making it much more better than it used to be.

To, all of you my dear visitors for inspiring me and appreciating my efforts through your comments. It’s a success for me that you reading this page to know about me and Hackers Enigma.

Thank You,

Amol Wagh

You can reach me at: amol@hackersenigma.com

Follow me: www.twitter.com/amolwagh