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    Author is a Tech blogger & loves to share his work on web by writing guidelines for Ethical Hacking students & Security professionals. Performing various types of hacking from pen test to smartphone hacking – He enjoys hacking just for personal research purpose. Working with more of 'grey as well as black hat' hackers for learning advanced hacking as well as defending techniques & share them with learners. His prime area of research is Cyber Criminals & currently working on a Video Product Development to teach hacking & Pen Testing for absolute beginners.


    Mac Hacks allow OS on PC’S

    by  • January 24, 2011 • Hackintosh • 3 Comments

    Mac OS with its enhanced features of applications are now being hacked off from its security circles, allowing the non-Apple PCs to run the Mac OS valuing cheaper than that of the original Apple PCs. With the tweaked version of the OS hackers enjoy the benefits of Mac while VMware also helps in supporting other […]

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    One Time Password (OTP) On IVR In India: How Secure It Is ?

    by  • December 29, 2010 • Latest News • 0 Comments

    For the sake of security on credit card transactions Reserve bank of India has introduced an One Time Password verification added to the current security system. Why Security on Interactive Voice Response? Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is spreading across the nation for buying stuff on phone & people consider it safer compared to online shopping […]

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    Hacking & Network Security: What Is It Exactly (For Noobs)

    by  • September 25, 2010 • Student Series • 0 Comments

    It is not strange to call this generation as “intelligent” generation, the era of computers & internet. Humans are connected to each other through the world of computers spread over a network. Essentially, in technical language, Computers communicate with each other through network. So any data communication between 2 or more computers involves transfer, sharing […]

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