• Bluejacking: Type of Bluetooth Hacking

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    Bluejacking is one of the type of Blue-tooth hacking. Bluejacking was first carried by the Malaysian IT consultant. In simple words Bluejacking means tempoarly hijacking someones device. Bluejacking allow the user to send business cards anonymously using Bluetooth wireless technology.

    Bluejacking is carried only to the Bluetooth enable device that is cell phones, PDA’s , laptop’s . Bluejacking can take place just at a range of 10 meters. To start with the process of bluejacking ,the hacker search for device whose Bluetooth device is on.



    Then the hacker enables a wireless communication between the device it is known as pairing. The hacker send out some business card or text message to user to establish the connection . The Bluejacker often look for a reaction from the user. They then send another, more personal message to that device. Once again, in order to carry out a bluejacking. All this is carried at the bluetooth enabled device via the OBEX protocol.
    Bluejacker some make an misuse the device ,they can send messages orelse hack your contact list . In Bluejacking it does involve any alteration or indication that data is transferred from one device to another device.

    In order to avoid the bluejacker disable the Bluetooth device when it is not needed or not in use or else reject the unexpected pairing request.

    This article is to inform the public about the bluejacking. And how to protect your device from it . Don’t forget to make comments or questions here.