• Bluesnarfing: Type of Bluetooth Hacking

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    Bluesnarfing is one type of blue-tooth hacking. While it is similar to the bluejacking and bluebugging. It was discovered by Marcel Holtmann in october 2003.

    Bluesnarfing is unauthorized access of information or data from wireless device through blue-tooth technology. Connection is often between the desktop’s, LAP’s ,cellphones , PDA’s . Blue-tooth is very high speed but a short range wireless technology,in which exchanging of information between cellphones, deskstop’s. The most know device in which the blue-tooth is already installed is cellphones .

    In this the attacker access the calendar, contact list and e-mail and text messages without leaving any evidence of the act. Other device is Laptop’s and computers ,they are having less frequency and more complex system than cellphones . The time required is attacking this device takes is more.



    In bluesnarfing the exchange of Information takes place by guessing the MAC address. However this is difficult task for attacker ,the Bluetooth uses a 48-bit unique MAC Address. There are over 280 trillion possible addresses to guess .After guessing ,the attacker can synchronize the device which is know as pairing . Then at least the information is exchanged between the devices.

    Bluesnarfing is considered as the illegal in many countries.To avoid bluesnarfing always switch off the blue tooth device to non-discoverable mode . Never pair the device with the unknown or public places.