• Super Bluetooth Hack 2009 Download (New Version)

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    Super Bluetooth hack 2009 is one of the most downloaded Bluetooth hacking tools.  Super bluetooth hack 2009 is used for mobile based Symbian operating system to hack & manage any mobiloe near you which is vulnerable to Bluetooth hacking attack.

    Download Here (Credit: www.mobicreed.com)

    How To Install Super Bluetooth Hack 2009

    1) Download to PC.
    2) Transfer it to your Bluetooth enabled mobile.
    3) Run the Installer (Remember, You must have Java enabled phone for installing i)
    4) He finds it and you will be able to run program
    5) Select the language and configure it.
    6) Click > Connection
    7) Click > Search Devices
    8) Choose the “Victim”
    9) And start managing with following hacks mentioned with Bluetooth.

    How To Hack With Super Bluetooth Hack 2009

    You can do many things like Read SMS, use & destroy music, disable phone, choose profile modes, block phone and many kiddie things that can be used for teasing your victim.hack Bluetooth tool,


    Super Bluetooth hack is great tool to play with friends but it can also be used for teasing personal information, so DO NOT COMMIT ANY CRIME WITH THIS TOOL. We do not take any responsibility in that case.


    Author is a Tech blogger & loves to share his work on web by writing guidelines for Ethical Hacking students & Security professionals. Performing various types of hacking from pen test to smartphone hacking – He enjoys hacking just for personal research purpose. Working with more of 'grey as well as black hat' hackers for learning advanced hacking as well as defending techniques & share them with learners. His prime area of research is Cyber Criminals & currently working on a Video Product Development to teach hacking & Pen Testing for absolute beginners.


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      i have a problem with downloading the bluetooth hacker if u can help so welcom

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      I have a PoketPC HTC innovation PM300… i downloaded and instaled, but it wont WORK… i press on inquiry Devices, and nothing happen… dont serch… PLZ… i need HELP PLZ PLZ PLZ…

    • http://www.h4x.co.cc insanity

      I have released a new Bluetooth Auditing Application.
      You can find it here: http://h4x.co.cc/bluetoothhacks.html

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      hi, well i tried the program in nokia mobile phone. it works perfectly well. But it does not work in samsung genio touch. it says there is no BT device. so if you can please help i shall be much please. thanks

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      Try to tweak some things with settings, because my Samsung Preston works pretty well

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