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    Welcome back to another outstanding review on Indian baby hackers .

    Go to any technical college in India and ask students to make their GPRS free on their Airtel,BASNL,Vodafone,Idea mobiles.

    You ll get tens of tricks and some of them are not working but some do works too.

    Where the the things started from :

    Well, things were started from various colleges located in Pune, Banglore and Mumbai. These students are basically from Computer science or Engineering streams.

    They keep on sending various messeges to the customer care which is toll free and try to crash the systems. With the loads of messeges the system sometimes shows the vulnerabilities in it. And if these guys can find any drawback they just go on working on the same to exploite it.

    Thouh its not simple as it looks and needs lot of paitience but still we can imagine these kiddy hackers wont give as there aim is not to hack the network provider, their aim is to save money only.

    But still if they manage to make or derive some trick he trick spreads on social networking sites, blogs and mobiles in very few days.

    So this how the story of Indian baby hackers goes.

    A very intersting one was hacking airtel recharge for free. What they did was , bought 20-30 rechrge coupons and try to find the sequence betwennumbers with th thories of probabilityies and other maths they solved how every umber of recharge coupons generated and they made a program to generate number each time. trich has 30 p1 probability as there is only one chance in 30 tries to  get free recharge.

    How hard they worked was amazing . But laws states that for your profit if you made changes in a system you are a criminal hacker. How talented you are dosent matter. So guys stop working or you ll be busted by cyber cops some day.

    Written by : Amol Wagh


    Author is a Tech blogger & loves to share his work on web by writing guidelines for Ethical Hacking students & Security professionals. Performing various types of hacking from pen test to smartphone hacking – He enjoys hacking just for personal research purpose. Working with more of 'grey as well as black hat' hackers for learning advanced hacking as well as defending techniques & share them with learners. His prime area of research is Cyber Criminals & currently working on a Video Product Development to teach hacking & Pen Testing for absolute beginners.


    • atc

      The reason those kids try to hack Airtel or any other provider since the service is simply unaffordable. Sometimes even I use these free MO to connect.

      Now interesting

      An unlimited GPRS connection costs Airtel Rs 475, IDEA RS 750.
      Now check an unlimited 2MBps connection from BSNL on;y costs 750

      I hop you got my point.
      If the providers start giving plans at as affordable price no one will care to hack!!!

    • http://www.hackersenigma.com Amol Wagh

      Hii Abhilash,

      Your point is exactly right in today’s time. And see nowadays there is no unlimited gprs, its 20 Rs for 8MB surfing on airtel. But the time I wrote article I considered the days wen NOP was Rs.5/day, which was quite affordable. So why these guys used to create new hacks.

      Still, your point is so valid in today’s scenario it is totally unaffordable to have GPRS on phone.

    • kishan

      hey is there any trick of airtel free mo in airtel

    • mohit

      guys u r totaly rocking……….

    • Stammerer

      The system mentioned above is in fact one which i had been working on.My theory was based on the knowledge that a recharge code is a 16 digit number randomized by the most advanced KIMS microprocessors.The brilliance of the technique is that the numbers are as random as ‘random’ goes.And anyone who ever tried punching in random numbers in airtel prepaid knows that the system gets barred after 5 invalid attempts.It takes 24 hrs to unlock itself.However,I went to work based on the assumption (Chaos theory) that there is a pattern in every irregularity.Therefore there has to be a hidden sequence in the series of seemingly random recharge codes.Currently i am writing an algorithm incorporating several parameters like number of cards manufactured a month.number of digits repeating in a code and so on.The programme that i right now have has a 3% advantage over any known system.FINALLY, I AM NOT A HACKER I AM A MATHEMATICIAN TRYING TO ARRIVE AT LOGICAL SOLUTIONS USING REASON.

    • http://www.hackersenigma.com Amol Wagh

      Hacker is not the one who can hack the system, hacker is the one who tries to invent & one who try to break that envention. You are not just a mathematician dude, You are a great decrypter. I suggest you to work on cryptography & decryption techniques to become a master hacker. It needs maths & not even professional hackers works on that techniques.

    • king

      stammerer I wish you all the best… you can share your knowledge of mathematics and cryptography for the betterment of others. Not all apply the mathematics they have learnt in school and colleges coz they either don’t get an opportunity or there is no need of it but some ppl will try to apply those formulas and tricks… they are the ones who think beyond the book… I appreciate them for thinking beyond the books and applying the principles and try to do some constructive work… hacking is of course something not so good… I too want to become an hacker… a hacker who invents the drawbacks in a system and try to fix them… a hacker who gives simple and easiest solutions to the problems of ppl by following the law. For me hacking is nothing but “experimenting for knowledge”… at the same time hacking should not harm anyone or any organistaton/company and should be used for good purpose. Hacking should not go against law… Finally I would like to say that they are hackers who have brought such a revolution in computer industry…..

    • http://www.hackersenigma.com Amol Wagh


      Yup, all you have said is true.

      You must go for ethical hacking… Best Luck

    • anish

      yes& i like your work.

    • anish

      yes & i like your work.

    • anish

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      No recent tricks are developed. Will publish new article when we have any.

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