• Hackers Enigma- Introduction

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    Hello World,

    This is introduction of Hackers Enigma. First of all let me clear one thing that this is an ethical hacking blog , not hackers blog .

    Here you can expect the articles on how hackers work , their technolgies , recent tricks , and news about recent internet threats .

    With using such posts you can be secured from all threats .

    Also I ll try to cover some tutorials to make your system truly secured from all hackers and viruses.

    Hackers Enigma is a commercial version of www.windowsregistryexplained.blogspot.com

    But still that blog is active . This blog is an official blog partner of http://en.kioskea.net which is an english version of top ten ranked french websites KIOSKEA.

    These are the partner websites of Hackers Enigma :



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    http://yhc.informe.com Youth Hackers Club

    So from now on I continue Latest technology with security with Hackers Enigma.

    Thank you all for reading .

    Amol Wagh


    Author is a Tech blogger & loves to share his work on web by writing guidelines for Ethical Hacking students & Security professionals. Performing various types of hacking from pen test to smartphone hacking – He enjoys hacking just for personal research purpose. Working with more of 'grey as well as black hat' hackers for learning advanced hacking as well as defending techniques & share them with learners. His prime area of research is Cyber Criminals & currently working on a Video Product Development to teach hacking & Pen Testing for absolute beginners.