• Happy Diwali To All From Hackers Enigma Blog

    by  • October 28, 2008 • Amol Wagh, Exclusive, General • 0 Comments

    Well , here it is.

    The Biggest Festival of the year celebrated in India is named as Diwali. Today on th occassion of ‘Laxmipujan’ Hackers Enigma team wish all internet users a ‘Happy Diwali’

    With the lot of lightings are decorating each and every home of India.



    Today in the evening all homes will go through the traditional Puja of Godess Laxmi. (Godess of Wealth)

    After this mahapuja kids will celebrate with crackers and sky will enlight with the joys of all Indians this day.

    Lot of sweets are made in Indian homes and other special food is also prepared for this puja.

    Diwali is not just a puja, it gives us refrshment of 5-6 days with lot of joys , happiness, brings our families together and maintain our culture.

    So on this occassion once again our team wish you an happy and prosperous diwali.

    Have a nice time and keep enjoying www.hackersenigma.com



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