• How To Install Streaming Media

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    many websites (http://ww.smashits.com) stream songs and videos
    people believe they cannot be downloaded, quite why i dont know. they kinda think there is no file present to dwnld

    once the file is located it can then be retrieved by nettransport
    nettransport is able to dwnld any file whether ftp or rtsp etc

    1. Download Project URL Snooper 1.02.01 from http://rain66.at.infoseek.co.jp/
    2. Install URL Snooper (and WinPcap together)
    3. Don’t run URL Snooper when it is done installing
    4. Restart computer
    5. Open Project URL Snooper
    6. Click on the General Options Tab
    7. user posted image
    8. Chose a network adapter
    9. Now click on the search tab
    10. Click Sniff Network
    11. Go to a webpage and you should see some results in the results list
    12. If nothing is appearing then chose another network adapter, until one works

    13. Now you are ready to begin searching
    14. Click the “Hide Non-Streaming URLs” option to hide all http:// references and only show URLs corresponding to streaming audio/video (rtsp, pnm, wma, etc.)
    15. Then click Sniff Network
    16. Your links should appear as you begin streaming your file
    17. Select your desired stream user posted image
    18. usually rm file user posted image
    19. On the bottom there should be the link which you simply copy user posted image

    20. Download nettransport from here ftp://down_transport:123@s1.5fox.com/NT2Setup_multi.EXE or

    21. Install it
    22. Click on new
    23. Paste link

    now you should be able to download any file
    if u need ne help
    jus ask
    i think dialups may have problems


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