• How to set up a server with Apache , PHP , MySQL , Perl , phpMyAdmin

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    Let’s start by installing apache (http server) . you can download the
    apache installer on www.apache.org . download the verion you like ,
    even thought , in win systems i recomand verion 2 (this tutorials is
    for apache 2) . here is a link for it :


    for a faster mirror , visit http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi .

    After downloading the file (.msi installer) , run it . The installation wizard
    is a next , next , finish ‘work’ … The installer will ask you some details like
    your server name , your server adress and the admin’s mail adress . if
    you have a domain name or a hostname , enter the info’s like this :

    Server Name : your_domain.org

    Server Adress : www.your-domain.org

    Admin Email : admin@yourdomain.org

    if you don’t have one , you should get on e free at :


    Check the ‘Run as a service for all users on port 8080’ option and click
    next , finish to fiinish the instllation . Advice : Install it in c: (he creates
    a folder for it , don’t worry) to make sure you configure it easyer .
    If you are finished , open up a browser and write in the adress bar :


    If you will see a ‘Test Page for Apache Installation’ , everything works .


    Let’s install PHP . download the archives from www.php.net . Here is a
    direct link for verion 4.3.9 :


    Make sure you download the archive and not the installer . Ok! after
    downloading it , extract the archive in c:/php (this is to simplify paths) .
    Now , open up c:/apache/conf/httpd.conf and search for this line :

    #LoadModule ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.so


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