Intrusion Attack Through Port Scanning

Port scanning determines which ports are listening to the active connections on the subjected host. These ports represent potential communication channels. With the help of port scanning we get close to the network communication scenario. We get to know more about victim’s network which is useful for further attacks. Internet does not exclusively rely on TCP port 80, used by hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). Any surfer surfing any website can gain the same level of proficiency as your average casual surfer. Port scanning can be efficiently done to reveal the secret’s about the host.

Automated port scanners are necessary to perform such scanning, which are available in the market for very small cost.

Port scanning is done so as to gather information passively about the victim. This help’s intruder to eavesdrop into Victim’s Network.

Such scanning also helps in gathering information so as to form a network map. Network map are useful to get to know the victim network architecture or hierarchy.

There are thousands of ports available for communication on a network some well known are FTP, HTTP, SMTP etc., Which ports remains open or close depends on the network’s requirement. Like any web server will always have an FTP port open.

Every port has its unique number which is targeted after the successful port scanning. Various bugs, backdoors are installed on these ports and tested whether the system is vulnerable.

And this is how a successful attack through port scanning is done.

Hope you have enjoyed this informative article about port scanning. We are covering requirements of a good port scanner in next post.

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