Ethical Hacking Guide For Beginners

I find many of the guys, who are willing to become an professional ethical hackers. All these aspiring ethical hackers search some tutorials across Internet, and very few of them are lucky to go on right track. Then I came across this – “Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking” by Rafay Baloch  . I just quick ran through its content & found out that- if you want to take a first step towards your career in security, you must go for this book.

A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking

Rafay has summarized some of the great topics, that the beginners need to understand before directly jumping in to tools. As he is a professional in the security section, he know exactly which basics are must & where newbies can make mistakes.

A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking, is basically an E book for starting up your career in Ethical Hacking. If you are curious what exactly Rafay has included in this E Book,  check out following.

What is included in the Guide ?

Securing you personal computers from Hack attacks

Basics of ethical hacking

How to think like hackers (So You can track them)

Securing systems from Trojans, Malwares, Worms & Viruses.

Professional Guidance for your future steps.

And lot more …

Free Bonus With This Book !!!

The two free bonuses you are getting with this e book are :

  • 1000 Hacking Tutorial : Hacking Tutorials contains1000 of the best hacking tutorials of 2010 leaked on the Internet!
  • Set of Phishers : You will also get a set of 30+ phishers(Fake login page) created personally by Rafay Baloch.

Don’t loose this great product, which is available with this offers for limited time. I highly recommend this guide for all who want to start up their career in Ethical Hacking.

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Chunk 1: The Concept of Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking Series : Chunk 1

Ethical hacking basically means preventing criminal hackers from stealing information of any personal computer r corporate network.

Ethical hackers use same technology – software and tool that criminal hackers uses. But they use them for preventing crimes.

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessing are the basic types of test ethical hackers perform so as to check the drawback in the systems. These drawbacks (or weak part) of the system are termed as Vulnerability or a security hole. Vulnerabilities can be in program or network or the hardware. Physical and technical are basic classification of vulnerabilities.

There are general vulnerabilities in system or programs. Like windows XP or OS X have some known vulnerabilities. By exploiting those vulnerabilities crackers generally try to intrude the system. They first comes the network(LAN or WAN) of the victim company . And from that they try to access the databases of company which have very sensitive data.

Eavesdroppers also sniff the data packets from communication lines to get the more information. They come to Network by Passive Information Gathering which is the first stage of attack.

Ethical hackers usually take tests to find the severe vulnerabilities in network and then they shield it by various methods.

We’ll concentrate on these tests and securing methods in next chunks of the series. ( Includes White Box, Black Box test , Penetration and vulnerability assessments.)

So Watch out for our next post.

Introducing an Ethical Hacking Series

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All right guys, Get ready for the real ethical hacking stuff by Hackers  


Millions of people are curious about hacking all over the world, and you are one of them. You searched lot of things on hacking (Ethical or Unethical), but didn’t get anything solid, from where you can learn. There is no proper start point for this career. All searches on Google, for hacking, softwares download by hacking and many more goes totally fail because there is no such thing available.


Well, some day I was at your place and through out my career I never find anything that gives me sound knowledge. Now, I have enough knowledge to perform hacking (In Ethical ways off course). So I thought to start a new series on Ethical hacking here on my blog And the day is here when I am ready with subject and my strategy.


This series consists every single details of ethical hacking as the concept, syllabus, programming and OS stuff, penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, tools required, knowledge you need, How and from where to get all the things, hacking and its types, various attacks and defense techniques, network security, cyber laws ,  responsibilities and many more things than you can think.


Still, I wanted to tell you one thing that everything I am explaining is Ethical Hacking stuff, not the Criminal Hacking. Neither am I promoting that you commit some crime with these things. I’ll surely take care that you can’t use in ‘That Way’ 


            Anything that will be in the series is for educational purposes only, I don’t take any responsibility for any criminal use of it.


            I guess this much disclaimer is enough to start my series. I will try to make it in PDF format so you can download (free) and view it offline too. Have a nice time and visit again for the first article of the series.

Download This in PDF Format . . .