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    RiskSense Named Outstanding Security Manufacturer in US

    by  • October 5, 2017 • Latest News, Security News • 0 Comments


     RiskSense®, Inc., the pioneer and market leader in pro-active cyber risk management, today announced it was selected as the Top Security Manufacturer in the US for 2017 in the Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) competition. Winners were announced on September 27 at the 63rd Annual ASIS International conference in Dallas, Texas.  The US OSPAs recognize and reward companies […]

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    BlackRidge Technology Establishes Subsidiary to Commercialize New Security Technologies for Blockchain Networks

    by  • September 28, 2017 • Latest News, Security News • 0 Comments


     BlackRidge Technology International, Inc. (OTCQB: BRTI), a leading provider of next generation cyber defense solutions, has formed a new business subsidiary called BlackRidge Secure Blockchain to pursue new market opportunities for securing blockchain applications. The BlackRidge Secure Blockchain subsidiary intends to develop and market a next generation security solution for blockchains to address vulnerabilities that are […]

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    Hacking & Network Security: What Is It Exactly (For Noobs)

    by  • September 25, 2016 • Student Series • 0 Comments

    It is not strange to call this generation as “intelligent” generation, the era of computers & internet. Humans are connected to each other through the world of computers spread over a network. Essentially, in technical language, Computers communicate with each other through network. So any data communication between 2 or more computers involves transfer, sharing […]

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    The Importance Of Using A Vulnerability Scanner For Security

    by  • June 1, 2016 • Network Security • 11 Comments

    One aspect of network security that is often overlooked is checking a network for issues using a vulnerability scanner. Vulnerabilities are issues, weaknesses or misconfiguration in software that an attacker can exploit to gain unauthorized access to his victim’s system. Through the use of a vulnerability scanner, these issues are pinpointed and reported to the administrator. Perhaps […]

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    Penetration Testing In Ethical Hacking

    by  • June 30, 2009 • Student Series • 3 Comments

    This article is posted under the “Ethical Hacking Student Guide Series”. So don’t forget to subscribe our blog to stay updated. Penetration testing in simple words can be defined as the test on the live networks or servers directly by attacking by the trained ethical hacking professional person or network security administrator. If you still […]

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