• Top 5 Hackintosh Tutorials For Installing Mac Snow Leopard On A PC

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    There are many blog posts you can find for perfect installation tutorials on Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a PC, only because macbooks & mac PC’s are so highly priced. Thats is why the new community of Hackintosh PC’s and laptops has emerged over the web. Again newest launch of Mac OS is Snow Leopard is having most advanced features over previous Leopard. Its faster, lighter & efficent.

    So Lets get through some of the best tutorials you may find easy to install Mac Snow Leopard On Your PC or Laptop. Note that you have to go through only one hackintosh tutorial for installation which is best for your PC configuration not all the tuts are necessary.

    1. Install Snow Leopard 10.6 on AMD PC Hackintosh

    Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6 of build 10A432 is installed here on iHackintosh blog on AMD PC. A very quick and easy tutorial for the ones having AMD Phenoms Dual or Quad core PCs & wish to use Mac OS. Now we got the Modbin’s Kernel to achieve this installation successfully on AMD PC.

    Here is a link to tutorial: Install Snow Leopard 10.6 on AMD PC Hackintosh

    2. How to Install Snow Leopard (10A432) on PC Hackintosh

    Another great tutorial from the same blog ihackitosh to install Mac OS Snow Leopard on Intel PC with different kernel and procedure than  AMD CPU. Follow this tutorial to install Mac on you PC hackintosh. A small notice from iHackintosh is “This guide is for those who already have a running OSX86. This guide is possible due to following persons in no order SaCleoCheater (For his thread on InfiniteMac), PCWiZ & Hara Taiki (For Awesome Tools), OSX86 Island (For breaking the first install build 10A261), Netkas (No need to Introduction), Chameleon Team (For a great Boot-Loader), TeknoJunkies (For such a great guide) and all the OSX86 community without whom it’s not possible.”

    Here is the link to tutorial for installation: How to Install Snow Leopard (10A432) on PC Hackintosh

    3. Install Snow Leopard on Your Hackintosh PC, No Hacking Required

    Again an useful post from Lifehacker, which has been providing great tutorials from,log time has posted about how to install snow leopard without any kind of hacking in to PC. Its a simpler version of his previous post which do not need knowledge of command line or any sort of hardcore hacking to install this Mac OS on your PC. Compatibility issue is also linked in this post so dont forget to chek out.

    Here is a link to tutorial: Install Snow Leopard on Your Hackintosh PC, No Hacking Required

    4. Samsung N310 (Samsung Go) Hackintosh Installation on Snow


    Installing Snow Leopard on PC is discussed above &on  the end of last year www.computersolution.cn has published a simple yet gret post to install Mac Os on Samsung Go Notebook named N310. Its a netbook based on Atom processor & having general configuration, which netbooks these day have. SO you may find it interesting to install Mac on your samsung N310.

    Link to Tutorial : Samsung N310 (Samsung Go) Hackintosh Installation on Snow Leopard

    5. Dell Mini 9 Unbox and Leopard Install

    I guess you are fed up of reading all tutorials, you may find this quick video tutorial very very easy, which is about  unboxing Dell Mini 9 & Installing Leopard on it very fast with the help of Xbox 360. You either watch it here or click on it to view it full screen or its own Site

    Dell Mini 9 Unbox and Leopard Install from Michael Smith on Vimeo.

    I hope you ll find it all hackintosh tutorials interesting & useful. Have fun with your own mac machine the !!!


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      Anyone have any info/links for installing MAC OS X (Hackintosh) on a AMD based system (AMD processor and Nvidia GFX).
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