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AlphaBit CryptoCurrency Exchange is First to Offer Commission-Free Trading

Launched by Singaporean entrepreneur Calvin Cheng, the new exchange is the first in the world to offer zero transaction fees when trading blockchain assets to a broad base of investors

12 April 2018 – WITH the increasing adoption of blockchain technology and rise of cryptocurrencies around the world, a new player has entered the field of cryptocurrency exchanges to serve the fast-growing crypto trading community.

AlphaBit CryptoCurrency Exchange (ABCC) launched on 9th April for invited users and is currently slated to open to the public on 28th April 2018. ABCC is the first crypto exchange in the world to offer commission-free trading for cryptocurrency traders.

This is in line with the company’s philosophy of creating an open, frictionless and participatory ecosystem in which investors can identify valuable blockchain assets, and tap on the exchange’s secure online trading platform and accompanying professional trading services to trade efficiently.

With zero commission fees, ABCC aims to encourage mass participation in the trading of these cryptocurrency assets to leverage on their benefits, with the view that blockchain technology and the digitization of assets will be an integral part of the future of advanced economies.

The exchange follows the traditional business models of e-commerce sites, where users enjoy the benefits of incurring no transaction fees. The exchange will focus on listing existing mainstream and alternate cryptocurrencies.

ABCC is the brainchild of Mr. Calvin Cheng, a Singaporean entrepreneur and former parliamentarian who has already achieved success in the technology sector through the listing of his e-learning platform Retech on the Australian stock exchange in 2017. Mr. Cheng is also a senior advisor to Dragon Blockchain Investment Fund, a leading investment fund in the blockchain industry.

Mr. Cheng said, “I believe that entrepreneurs in the blockchain field need to proactively create a healthy industry environment as well as follow a sustainable business model. As the industry matures, these blockchain projects need real world applications which generate real social value. Through ABCC, we hope to alleviate this problem by encouraging more users to have a frictionless experience when trading cryptocurrencies.”

“I am also cognizant of the fact that the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is still in its early stages, and we are definitely willing to engage with government agencies across the world to explore a proper regulatory framework to govern and grow this exciting financial frontier. This can only help more projects and start-ups in this field to create meaningful products that will change the way we live.”

The ABCC team consists of 20 core members who have rich experience in the internet, finance, media, fashion, and management consulting industries. Many of the team have worked together in the past, ensuring a solid foundation of trust throughout the entire project.

For more information, please visit abcc.com


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