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Amidst the Netflix VPN Ban, VPNRanks.com Tested Several Services and Uncovered 15 VPNs for Netflix That Still Work

Netflix is the leading streaming service around the world. It offers TV shows and movies from different genres and creates its original content. However, the content library is not the same all over the world. The US library currently contains the highest number of shows and movies currently, with 5665 titles.

To access the vast pool of shows and movies, users used a Netflix VPN to access the U.S. library. By changing the IP address, users would appear to be in the United States and stream content that is not available in their region.

Unfortunately, Netflix’s crackdown of VPN services means an end for many popular providers. By blacklisting the IP addresses of these VPNs, Netflix displays a VPN proxy error whenever someone tries to access the US library via VPN.

That said, VPNRanks.com conducted a study where it tested several VPN for Netflix. The findings revealed fifteen VPN providers that successfully unblocked US Netflix. Their research methodology involved connecting to a U.S. server offered by the VPN or utilizing a Netflix mode (if offered).

Next, they would launch Netflix, look up shows only available on U.S. Netflix, and stream the content. If the VPN proxy error did not occur, then it would mean that the provider is working. In addition, the website also conducted speed tests to see how quick the service was for streaming.

Among the 15 VPNs that worked in changing the Netflix region, the top three included ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and PureVPN. ExpressVPN worked splendidly on its Washington server and offered the fastest streaming speeds. Likewise, NordVPN performed exceptionally during testing. It unblocked U.S. Netflix instantly and did not compromise on speeds.

Senior Editor at VPNRanks.com, Aazim Akhtar stated, “The study aimed to provide detailed insights to readers, helping them find the most suitable VPN for Netflix. With Netflix blocking VPNs left, right, and center, it’s difficult to pick a service that’s working consistently. Sadly, users don’t have any other option than to use a VPN since the relentless pressure from content holders won’t allow a universal content library for Netflix. It will only fuel the cat and mouse game between Netflix and VPNs.”

Source: VPNRanks

Source: NewsWire


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