CME’s launching of bitcoin futures on Monday, December 18 is great news for the crypto world and Ankorus. Ankorus will be filling orders just weeks after bitcoin futures arrive and will accept both fiat and cryptocurrency for the contracts.

“This is a game changer for the crypto world and the best news for the immediate future of Ankorus,” commented CEO John Cruz.

“Futures must be traded through a broker-dealer. As a crypto-savvy broker-dealer, Ankorus will be uniquely positioned to meet demand from crypto-holders without their first exiting to fiat currency or dealing with banks.”

He added, “Other brokers are inexperienced with crypto. Their business until now has been in traditional finance. Our team is experienced trading in both crypto and traditional financial assets, and I myself was also a successful CME futures trader.”

Ankorus has the added crypto / blockchain experience of recently developing its own ERC-20 token, known as the ANK token. The ANK token is presently being distributed to contributors in the company’s token sale, which began on November 25.

CEO Cruz continued: “With the introduction of bitcoin futures, there’s no longer a need to sign at a cryptocurrency exchange, which cuts out issues like long waiting times to open an account and to withdraw your money. There’s no risk of default or hacks, or losing your password. You don’t have to worry about smart wallets.

“Coming through Ankorus, you don’t have to manage a cryptocurrency account. We can just reset your password if you lose it. We do the KYC. Your account is insured. And there’s no risk of exchange default at the CME.

“Just as important is the simple fact that significant amounts of money will be saved by Ankorus customers on trading costs. Trading bitcoin futures with Ankorus will always be a flat fee. The cost to buy one bitcoin future will be $3, regardless how much bitcoin costs.”

Ankorus plans to later add similar cryptocurrency products, such as bitcoin options, and futures for other cryptocurrencies, should they be introduced. And as a regulated, inspected and audited broker-dealer, Ankorus will also provide any globally exchange-traded asset to crypto holders, as well as also tokenise individual assets, where preferred by customers.

How Bitcoin Futures Will Change the Crypto World

CME bitcoin futures will bring many new benefits to the crypto world, with Ankorus uniquely positioned to directly deliver them to crypto-holders.

  • The facility to participate in the CME, a highly regulated exchange.
  • Risk control.
  • Margin rules.
  • Clearing mechanism.
  • Oversight.
  • Insurance.
  • Transparency and audit trails.

The Ankorus Token Sale

The company is currently accepting contributions in return for ANK tokens. Interested parties are invited to make their contributions before the end of the period on December 25. The “hard cap” for the crowdsale is set at 150,000 ETH. The public allocation of ANK will be 50 million, from a total of 100 million ANK created (the maximum supply).

To contribute and receive ANK tokens, go to http://ankorus.org/


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