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Blockbid Reveals Launch Date for its Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Ultra-Secure Multi-Cryptocurrency Trading System to Launch Globally in 2018

October 10, 2017 – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Blockbid Pty. Ltd. has announced that its ultra-secure cryptocurrency trading platform will launch in early 2018. However, investors don’t have to wait, as its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will officially launch on October 22, 2017. The exchange will be the first of its kind in Australia to operate under the guidelines of the AML/CTF Act, and will aim at facilitating the highest volume of trades from most cryptocurrencies, on a single platform. Blockbid is based on the Ethereum blockchain, a similar system to that of bitcoin.

Blockbid tokens are exchanged at current market rates using the ICO value of 1 Ether = 300 blockbid tokens, available through a commission-free marketplace. Each token can be purchased directly through the ICO. For each token purchased, the buyer receives a 100% discount off the 0.1% flat fee in the first year, and 50% discount thereafter – tokens can be used to facilitate as much trading as the user wishes during a 30-minute window. However, more tokens can be used to extend trading time. Early participants in the ICO will also receive 8% – 20% bonus Blockbid tokens.

Simplifying Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Blockbid exchange solves the issue of having cryptocurrencies scattered across multiple exchanges. Rather than signing on to multiple platforms, users can use a single account to faciliate all of their trades. The new exchange platform offers a system that users can trust while saving time because funds do not have to be transferred between different platforms.

Emma Hoffman, Blockbid CMO, said, “Blockbid is being designed to help traders overcome three main issues; the inconvenience of needing to sign up to multiple exchanges, the unease associated with having coins scattered across multiple (and potentially untrustworthy) exchanges, and missed investment opportunities caused by time lapses in transferring funds between different platforms.”

The Blockbid Platform Is Set to Grow

Users will be able to trade most cryptocurrencies on the platform. Transaction fees are low, and all crypto-assets are insured against potential cyber-attacks. Scalable to up to 1 million transactions per second, the crypto-coin platform is expected to raise the proceeds needed to fund expansion and further development.

Blockbid operates in accordance with Australian Financial Services License guidelines. The product is in line with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act of 2006, which applies international best practices to deter these malicious activities in Australia. Therefore, the platform will be safe and secure, while being positioned for growth in a high-demand market.

Why Blockbid?

The Blockbid cryptocurrency exchange operates on the world’s fastest exchange network, with direct datalink connecting over 180 co-location facilities on 5 continents. A user-friendly front-end enables users to engage in cryptocurrency trading on the same user interface designs used by Facebook, Netflix, and Dropbox, while back-end interfaces are similar to those implemented by websites such as PayPal, eBay and LinkedIn.

With the October 22 ICO launch and exchange to be unveiled in early 2018, Blockbid is expected to undergo future development, enabled through the proceeds raised by user participation and growth. An in-wallet payment platform for all blockchain assets is anticipated. Once it is established, users will be able to access their digital currency from any location at any time. The Blockbid wallet will also support a decentralized exchange, further serving the burgeoning market for cryptocurrency trading.

Market Demand – Past and Future

The total market cap in this industry is now $120 billion USD (peaking at $180 billion), up from $11.3 billion just about a year ago. This demonstrates 1,265% market growth over that time. There has been a 600% increase in new users over the past four months alone – an average of 2,500 new signups per day!

Given the popularity of blockchain technology amongst users and financial institutions willingness to test it, Blockbid’s ICO launch is sure to appeal to numerous market segments. Other drivers of growth include the rate at which e-commerce businesses are adopting cryptocurrencies. So far, 1% of the population has invested in them, demonstrating the potential for additional market growth.

Learn more about the company and participate in the ICO or sign up for early access to participate in beta testing, go to www.blockbid.com.au. Visit Blockbid on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Read the Whitepaper here.

About Blockbid

Blockbid is an ultra-secure cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to trade all forms of cryptocurrencies on a single exchange, via a single login. Compliant with the Australian AML/CTF Act, it offers low transaction fees and operates on the world’s fastest exchange network to offer users speed, convenience, and trust. The Blockbid team consists of industry leaders in ASX trading, brokerage, blockchain technology, legal advice, and stock market research.


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