Bluetooth Hacking Security Measures

Bluetooth Technology has become very popular for the transferring data & which is user friendly and completely wire free. It is connection oriented technology & may be single point or multi point. Normally people think that their device is hacked just inside the 10 meter circle, but this is misconception. Any device can be hacked at distance up to 100 meter. (Use changes according to needs)

Bluetooth Hacking attacks can be Reduced/ Eliminated by using following measures:

Turn off the device to non-discoverable or invisible mode when the Bluetooth technology not in use.

Never pair your device with unknown devices or in public places.

Whenever possible, use an eight characters or more alphanumeric PIN code.

Reject the unexpected pairing request.

If your device is affected by the Bluesnarfing or Bluebugging then take your device to the manufacture or authorized dealer for proper diagnosis.

Install software patches which are available to the older Bluetooth technology device and keep your transfers upgraded so as to ensure maximum security.

The Bluejacker just expect reaction from the recipient for the exchange of data. To ignore the Bluejacker, just reject the business card.

Update your cell phone antivirus time to time to keep it free from new Viruses and Trojans.

These are some of the latest security measures, any user should be aware of. Bluetooth hacking is still in its initial stage of development. So if we keep our knowledge upgraded then we can stop further techniques to evolve.

Whatever data transfer takes place must be through a secured channel. No one has right to intrude your data and exploit your privacy. To avoid all such attack keep reading Hackers Enigma – An Ethical Hacking Blog