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Bolenum Project Announces Presale and ICO

Bolenum, the African focused Ethereum project has today announced the commencement of its presale which began on the 22nd of June with their full ICO beginning on the 15th of July.


The project aims to ensure financial inclusion by offering secured payment solutions, a trading exchange and also a secured wallet. Their team has identified that lack of education about cryptocurrencies is hindering adoption on the African continent.

The Bolenum team is offering a total of 5,000,000 Boleno tokens to investors for the purpose of raising funds for its project.

The project’s token, BLN, aims to serve as a secure payment method, and also be able to protect wealth. Tokens are Ether based to benefit from the speed and security that the network offers.

The new trading exchange will not only withdraw the value of their tokens into local currencies but could give better access to the cryptosphere as a whole. If someone buys BLN with a local currency, they will be able to trade those BLNs on a different exchange for any other digital asset they were interested in.

The project also serves as a gateway to help those who’ve been previously denied access to fiat trading platforms. Funds raised from the ICO will be used for the development of the project as well as education and promotion of the platform.

More information is provided at the project website, http://www.bolenum.com

The project team can be contacted at [email protected].

Twitter handle:@BolenumPlatfom.

White paper: http://bolenum.com/whitepaper.pdf

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