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China’s Cyber Attacks on Indian Networks : HE News

China’s cyber army is making some suspicious attacks on Indian networks and they worrying India definitely. They are making attacks on private networks. What are there aims? , What are their reasons nobody knows. Chinas government is refusing to answer any questions related to this but sill this is issue can be much more serious than it looks.

They are answering like ‘hacking’ is a routine activity and it happens a lot all over the world everyday. Its not like china is planning some attack on all Indian cyber networks.

They are constantly scanning our networks and if this thing is avoided it can be a great issue of controversy in he future. Because such regular scanning will give them idea of all Indian networks and their security which in hacking termed as a fingerprinting. With the help of these fingerprints they can attack on Indian networks very fluently and go back without leaving many traces of the attack.

Many Indian government networks as NIC(National Infomatics science ) and MEA was under attacks in past few months but they were never disabled as a security was good enough till that point. But who knows they all back again with a bang.

One thing I wanted to say that Indian government ,Military and Indian cyber patrol should come together to face these issues to avoid the inconvenience in the future. These scans should be recorded and asked to Chinas government officials about such attacks.

Tools used in the attacks:

General tools of hackers like keyloggers, BOTs , and network mapping accessories are used in such attacks which is on low scale if we consider criminal hacking . But threatening fact is with he help of such tools they are getting very clear idea of Indian networks as I explained before.

As every hacking knowledgeable person knows BOTS are parasite programs that help hackers to hijack networks and make the network run as hackers wishes it. SO Bots is a considerable issue and action can be taken legally if they keep trace of these scanners.

Also random scans on networks with tools like superscanner can be done in these case by these Chinese hackers, SO cases are different but if we make think overall these Chinese attacks can be a serious issue.

So Indian government you should work on now , and be fast because things will not be under control if you get little late.

Reference : Times Of India , 6 May 2008

Writen By : Amol Wagh


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