DisruptOps Introduces Cloud Management Platform for Automated Security and Operations

DisruptOps Inc. today introduces its SaaS-based cloud management platform to implement automated control of cloud infrastructure. Through the continuous assessment and enforcement of security, operational and economic guardrails, enterprises can realize the benefits of agility, speed, and innovation offered by cloud computing while maintaining operational control.

For companies embracing the cloud, the scale and complexity inherent in multiple teams managing multiple cloud environments will quickly lead to spiraling costs, inconsistent configurations, and increased risk. Common mistakes include exposed data in public S3 buckets, open network access from misconfigured security groups, and wasted money from excessively allocated resources. Manual processes are inefficient and ineffective at addressing these challenges. DisruptOps automates cloud management by enforcing a customizable library of best practices ensuring consistency and security, freeing DevOps teams to move fast without risk.

“We’ve embraced DevSecOps to ensure both our developers and operational teams integrate security into our applications,” said Mike Murray, Chief Security Officer of Lookout. “We can’t afford to slow them down by requiring security functions to be built every time, nor can we risk a catastrophic failure caused by human error. DisruptOps’ approach to implementing guardrails around our cloud environment will allow us to move fast while being secure. It’s a win-win for us.”

Founding Team Brings over 100 Years of Security Experience

The DisruptOps founding team brings extensive security and cloud experience to the company. The team is led by CEO Jody Brazil, previous CEO and co-founder of Firemon, and CTO Brandy Peterson, who spent over 15 years as CTO of FishNet Security. Co-founders Rich Mogull, Mike Rothman, and Adrian Lane, the principals of security research firm Securosis, each bring their 25+ years of security experience and almost 10 years of hands-on cloud knowledge to ensure DisruptOps remains at the forefront of the cloud and DevSecOps revolutions.

DisruptOps Raises Seed Funding from Rally Ventures

DisruptOps has raised a $2.5 million seed round investment, led by Rally Ventures with participation from Cyber Security Veteran, Gary Fish, and seed investor and Director of Phantom Cyber and former Sourcefire CFO Todd Headley. Rally’s early stage SaaS expertise and entrepreneur network will be invaluable as DisruptOps brings its scalable cloud security and operational platform to market.

“DisruptOps’ vision of embracing automation to ensure cloud security and operational excellence represents an opportunity to disrupt the existing security status quo and perfectly aligns with our view of the market,” said Art Coviello, former CEO of RSA Security and Rally Venture Partner. “Just as importantly, we are excited to be working with such an experienced and successful management team.”

“Customers look to the Fishtech Group every day to help navigate their journey to the cloud,” said Gary Fish, Fishtech Group CEO. “I’m excited to join forces again with Jody and Brandy, and utilize DisruptOps’ Guardrails to help our customers secure their clouds.”

Find and Fix

Many solutions exist to identify configuration and policy issues in cloud environments. These solutions create more noise for overworked security operations teams, adding to the list of tasks they can’t complete. By focusing on both finding and fixing issues in cloud environments, DisruptOps reduces the noise and shrinks the attack surface.

“The volatility of cloud computing and velocity of DevOps represent threats to security and operational stability. DisruptOps elevates cloud operations, enabling customers to achieve their objectives of agility and innovation while maintaining operational control,” said Jody Brazil, DisruptOps CEO.

Today DisruptOps is extending its early access program to additional customers ahead of general availability later in 2018. For information on how to participate in the early access program, visit https://disruptops.com/free-evaluation.

About DisruptOps

DisruptOps, Inc. implements Guardrails around an organization’s cloud environment to enforce security, operational and cost management best practices. Delivered as a SaaS service, DisruptOps’ automation platform elevates cloud security operations by both finding AND fixing issues, enabling customers to achieve their objectives of agility and innovation while maintaining operational control. DisruptOps is headquartered in Kansas City, MO and is backed by Rally Ventures and other security industry luminaries. For more information, visit www.disruptops.com or follow us on Twitter at @disruptops.


Mike Rothman, President mrothman@disruptops.com

Source: DisruptOps, Inc.