Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author Max Zaslavsky announces The Initial Membership Offering (IMO) to join the Diamond Reserve Club with tokenized membership. The Diamond Reserve Coin (DRC) is born

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author* Max Zaslavsky and his team of software engineers, legal specialists, and fellow blockchain technology enthusiasts are happy to announce the creation of the Diamond Reserve Club with tokenized membership and the Diamond Reserve Coin (DRC).

The first stage of presenting the Club and the DRC token to the public is the Initial Membership Offering – IMO.

The Initial Membership Offering (IMO) is a brand new instrument of facilitating tokenized membership in a digital community or a club. The goals of the IMO are to present the Diamond Reserve Coin membership tokens to the general public and the pre-sale of DRC membership tokens. The pre-sale of tokens is not limited, however, the amount of discounted tokens is limited.

Diamond Reserve Club

The Diamond Reserve Club is a closed private tokenized membership club. The information about ownership and transfer of membership tokens is stored on the member’s blockchain, which is a distributed among all members of the Club database.

The Diamond Reserve Coin (DRC) is hedged by physical diamonds stored in secure locations in the United States and fully insured for their full value. Each owner of an electronic wallet holding at least 1 DRC is a member of the Diamond Reserve Club and has rights, privileges and is entitled to benefits according to his or her membership level – the more tokens, the higher the membership level (see the DRC Membership Agreement for full details). All information about the ownership rights and circulation of the DRC tokens is stored on the member’s blockchain – a distributed among all token owners (i.e. Diamond Reserve Club members) cryptologically protected database. The process of issuing of the DRC member tokens is strictly regulated by the program code guaranteeing full decentralization of the token, its complete independence from third parties, and security of all member tokens.

Discount scheme:

The Diamond Reserve Club makes a pledge to its members to continuously and diligently work on expanding and promoting the Club ecosystem. In mid- to late September the DRC launches a part of that ecosystem, the 18-platform powerhouse 101Lego Creative Communications Holding. As soon as the 101Lego CCH launch is underway, its know-how along with stellar staff of professionals, client list, affiliate partners, database, and multiple token earning opportunities are at the Club members disposal.

You may review the Diamond Reserve Club’s social and communal awareness programs, the list of charities, with which the Club is affiliated, membership rules, mission and goals, financing end expenses, the list of unique benefits, the list of members’ rights and privileges, types of membership, and the list of Diamond Membership Levels on www.drc.world