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FindBits: Access the World of Cryptocurrencies the Way You Like

Though cryptocurrency exchanges are
abundant and seemingly multiplying, buyers and sellers can still face
challenges in their efforts to obtain and offload cryptocurrency in a
straightforward and anonymous fashion. Due to increasing rules and
regulations, verification measures are becoming more time-consuming
and invasive. As a result, opening an exchange account to make a
cryptocurrency transaction can be unnecessarily difficult and
sometimes outright impossible depending on a user’s location.

At FindBits, we recognize the
difficulties cryptocurrency traders face, and we’re looking to
provide a more appealing alternative for those in search of a better
solution. On the buyer side, if you’re looking to purchase
cryptocurrency in a direct, private, and quick manner, FindBits might
be a good fit for you. Similarly, if you’re lacking required
documentation or proper identification and struggling to get your
hands on cryptocurrency altogether, FindBits simplifies the process
and provides an easy way to enter the world of cryptocurrency

As a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace,
FindBits allows for direct purchases of Bitcoin and Litecoin,
requires no lengthy buyer identification, and takes absolutely no
commission. On FindBits, you can say goodbye to hidden costs; all
you have to worry about is paying the seller. Taking zero fees,
FindBits allows buyers and sellers to meet at a mutually agreed upon
price and receive maximal value. Even further, users can choose from
an extensive variety of payment options. Whether you prefer to buy
through gift cards, cash deposits, or online transfers, there’s no
shortage of options on FindBits. As you can see below, each of these
payment categories contains a selection of many different
opportunities to buy or sell Bitcoin and Litecoin.

  • Gift Cards: Amazon, iTunes,
    OneVanilla Visa/Mastercard, Walmart, Best Buy, Playstation Network,
    Steam, and more.
  • Cash Deposits: Western
    Union, MoneyGram, Cash in Person, and many other methods.
  • Online Transfers: PayPal,
    Perfect Money, NetSpend, etc.

We use BitGo—a secure, third-party
service—and its private, multi-signature wallets to process
transactions through the blockchain, making FindBits a safe trading
environment and enabling you to make worry-free purchases with ease.
To add an extra layer of security to our platform, users are quickly
vetted through simple location information, mobile number
verification, and other processes.

With these measures in place, our
trusted sellers can rest assured they will be properly compensated
for their Bitcoin or Litecoin when connecting through FindBits. Our
private communication infrastructure is powered by Pusher, a chat and
communication system leader; pairing this with a reputation and
feedback system gives FindBits’ traders ample opportunity to engage
in confident interaction before, during, and after transactions.

All in all, FindBits provides new and
exciting cryptocurrency opportunities for both buyers and sellers.
Nothing should stop you from buying Bitcoin or Litecoin, and FindBits
is fittingly free to join. So, wait no more and get ready to trade some cryptocurrency. Visit FindBits.com
to get started today!


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