Gmail Account Is Secure From Hacking

We use mail clients for sharing emails through our friends & colleagues & different purposes. But what are essential aspects for a perfect mail service are mentioned as follows.

Simple User Interface

Customization in GUI

Easy Filtration

Spam Filtration

Secured mail transactions

Overall Security

From 6 aspects mentioned above we find first 5 in any of mail service like in MSN, Yahoo & hundreds of different mail services.

But the point related to security is more important as we know many accounts can be compromised.  For spamming, advertising, teasing many kind of personal information Email accounts can be hacked by criminal hackers.

What I noticed in Gmail that it establishes Secured connection while logging inside the mail sever.

When you connect to, you ll; see following address in your browser.

The https:// means the Secured socket layer protection which is often used by banks for secured transaction. So it is truly ensured for our mail security in Gmail.

While logging in you ll see this

& after establishing secured connection gmail verifies your identity & gives your session a ID, which makes it unique.

Now the AAAAAA is actually have some other ID which is your session id.

So this is how Gmail is secured from hacking. Well it is not 100 % secured, as it every time sends information from browser to website, makes it possible to sniff the session.

But still it is far more secure than any other mail service. Even in any case if your account is stolen, you can retrieve it by giving your personal information. It is great new feature introduces by google.

So this is how I think Gmail Hacking is not possible. I guess it is 95% secure because nothing is perfect in security & there is always a bug.