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Packet Sniffing Attack & Vulnerable Ethernet Communications – II

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So each machine has unique identification to send and receive data and avoid the confusion. This doesn’t happen with dial-up modems; because it is assumed that any data you send to the modem is destined for the other side of the phone line. But when you send data out onto an Ethernet wire, you have to be clear which machine you intend to send the data to.

In many cases we can analyze today that mostly to machines make communication to each other and few scenarios are like a conference But Ethernet is designed to share plenty of machines to covers together. This is accomplished by putting a unique 12-digit hex number in every piece of Ethernet hardware.sniffer

This is so important from the aspect of data and information security. Ethernet was designed to carry other traffic than just TCP/IP, and TCP/IP was designed to run over other wires (such as dial-up lines, which use no Ethernet).

NETBEUI is something that many home users use to share files or data. This does not use TCP/IP protocols to transfer the data. It makes harder for intruders to hack the data.  Raw transmission and reception on Ethernet is governed by the Ethernet equipment. You just can’t send data raw over the wire; you must first do something to it that Ethernet understands. In much the same way, you can’t stick a letter in a mailbox, you must first wrap it in an envelope with an address and stamp. This is what used in traditional TCP/IP Architecture.

So this is how sniffing attacks get vulnerable to Ethernet.  There are many techniques which gives internet and networks a flexibility through Ethernet is exploited by the use of packet sniffing.

This is not just a dark side, all packet sniffers can be detected even if they have stealth inside them. Also Non promiscus mode conversion can be a great way to stop all types of  packet sniffing attacks.


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