Press Release: Bits Digit announced its ICO (BITD) crowdsale launch for the beta platform includes e-wallets, professional exchange, ICO market, POS and merchant platform services, brings cryptocurrency to all.

July 16th, 2017, Belize/Singapore – Bits Digit ‘A SME Economy on Blockchain’ (BITSD) has
announced the beta release date (Sep 1st 2017) of its cryptocurrency services.
The cryptocurrency solutions platform brings together a dedicated wallet
service, exchange, and a merchant platform upon which cryptocurrency
enthusiasts and investors can interact, trade currencies and ideas, Start

The Bits Digit project is developed by an international team. The Bits Digit
initiative was first presented by Kumar in early 2017, and it’s due to the
continued support and belief of the other team members that such a massive
project was able to come to fruition.

In Jun 2017, the platform published its whitepaper on
Bits Digit, outlining the technical specifications of the platform. Bits Digit
developers, learning from the past errors of Bitcoin developers have focused on
the security of the platform, implementing the more consolidated,
cryptocurrency-agnostic platform for the benefit of crypto-community and

The main purpose of Bits Digit is to create a single, user-friendly
ecosystem suitable for mass adoption among non-technical users, or individuals
new to the Industry. The platform enables a system that combines cryptocurrency
and fiat services, made available to customers over a single registered account
within the platform.

The Founder of Bits Digit Kumar sharing thoughts about the platform’s focus

“A single platform for all the financial need was not easy to create but
with the support of our tech partners it possible now, and we truly believe
that Bits Digit can make it a lot simpler for any average person out there to
enter the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related products and

The beta soft launch version of Bits Digit platform is 90% completed and has
enabled its exchange feature with fully operational payment gateway (POS)
system. Interested users can test the exchange, merchant list and point-of-sale
to get a feel of Bits Digit platform on 1st Sep 2017. The
cryptocurrency platform’s other main features, including a crowdfunding tool,
an ICO platform, third-party plugins, market cap and coin overviews, a
blockchain forum, remittance and payment gateway are all just around the corner
awaiting implementation.

The native currency of the Bits Digit platform, BITSD is
implemented as an Ethereum smart contract, which governs the validation,
distribution, value and the ownership of the tokens. Apart from BITSD, the
platform will support most widely-used cryptocurrencies, enabling customers to
convert them into fiat via the Bits Digit exchange service. A lot more features
will be added to the platform during the next phase of development.

Like: Crowdfunding, P2P Funding, Healthcare market escrow, insurance/Project
voting, multisingnature address safety, multisignature wallets, commodities,
biometrics, SME Funding etc.

About Bits Digit

Bits Digit stands for A SME Economy on Blockchain and represents a platform
which encompasses all features of a digital economic system based on
cryptocurrency. The Bits Digit system consists of website payments, seller
tools, a marketplace, financial module, e-wallets, coin facilities and a mobile
platform. The platform unifies the most popular crypto and fiat currency
services, e.g. exchanges, payrolls, wallets, acquisitions and transactions.

BITS DIGIT Token Crowdsale (ICO)

The BITS DIGIT token will be available for exchange during the crowdsale
(ICO) campaign that will take place on 1st August 2017. During the
Token sale (ICO) the total of 7,000,000 BITSD tokens will be
available for sale by smart contract and with other payment options also, and
will become exchangeable at the rate of: 1 ETH = 300 BITSD Tokens.

*To be revealed on July 25th before the start of the crowdsale (pre-ICO).

The BITS DIGIT Token Sale timeline:

July 25th: Presale (Pre-ICO) (700,000 BITSD Tokens

Inviting strategic partners with a minimum buy-in of 10 ETH + 20% bonus BITSD
Tokens. The Presale will last for 5 days.

July 31st: End of the Presale

August 1st: The o?cial start of the BITSD Token
public crowdsale (ICO) with the total of 6,300,000 BITSD Tokens available.


Pre-Sale 20%

First week Days or Crowdsale 10%

Second week Days Crowdsale 5%

August 31st: The end of the Token Sale

The Token Sale ends, unless the total amount of tokens is sold-out earlier.
Visit for more details
regarding the BITSD Token Sale.

September 1st: The release and the o?cial start
of the BITSD Token trading in Bits Digit exchange

Learn more about Bits Digit at –
Bits Digit Whitepaper available at –

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