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RDS-WebAccess Optimized for Windows 2016 and W10 Environments

Microsoft never sleeps, and the company rolled out its new major update (version 1809) in October. As RDS-Tools always strives to stay on top of Remote Desktop applications market, this includes ensuring optimal compatibility with any new Windows version. Therefore, RDS-WebAccess 11.60 fully complies with these new Windows versions and is adding more features to outperform in Windows 2016 & W10 environments.?

RDS-WebAccess 11.60 is providing a new Alternate Shell as replacement of the Windows Shell. As everybody knows, Windows 2016 & W10 Windows shell is requiring far more resources than what it was in 2008 or 2012. With the release 11.60, the administrator is free to select the new RDS-WebAccess Alternate Shell to replace the Windows Shell. Doing so, he will save server’s resources and enable better performances and enhanced user experience.

Improvements have been implemented into TSplus RemoteApp. The login process and the RemoteApp react time are faster and have been enhanced for a better application virtualization. This is even true for heavily loaded systems where many users can start multiple applications concurrently.

Bullet Proof Security for Remote Access

Working on-the-go in cafes or hotels with unsecured networks and choppy Wi-Fi is risky. When working remotely and needing to access files or programs on office desktop or company’s applications, no compromise with performance nor security can be acceptable.

With RDS-WebAccess pure web Remote desktop and the Web Application Portal, everyone can reach desktop on Windows server from anywhere. Engineered with most cloud-based network compression and end-to-end SSL encryption, RDS-WebAccess 11.60 enables you to access your Windows systems securely anytime — even using public Wi-Fi, mobile hotspots, or slow connections.

The highest protection against cyber criminals is not an option; it is a “must have.” This why RDS-WebAccess 11.60 now includes its own version of RDS-KnightThis security product is a smart, easy to use, and extremely efficient solution to protect any Windows Remote Desktop. No one else, nowhere worldwide, has develop something similar to RDS-Knight. RDS-Knight 2.0 already included the Kiosk mode for remote applications, the end-point protection, the working hours restriction and the brute force attacks protection.

However, RDS-Web Access Ultimate Protection integrates the new 3.0 release, which is adding even more important security features:

  • Anti-Ransomware Protection:  this outstanding new feature allows quick response, limited damage, increased awareness and time savings with respect to data recovery. It prevents catastrophic events for businesses by blocking ransomware at an early stage. The administrator has access to information regarding the source of the attack and running processes, and therefore learns how to anticipate these threats.
  • Brute-Force and Homeland Protection extended to VNC: with RDS-WebAccess Ultimate Protection 3.0, the well known VNC security holes are closed. You can also enjoy a high level of protection against VNC hackers and other countries and/or brute force attacks.
  • Homeland protection before a session-opening: this 3.0 version detects and blocks blacklisted countries’ IPs trying to connect even before the Remote Access session opens.

Apply the update release now via the website or directly from the RDS-WebAccess AdminTool.

Or Download and Test RDS-WebAccess full-featured trial version now!

Source: RDS-tools.com


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