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The Hackers Song

You must be amazed to know that hacker’s cult have its own songs. I am presenting here with one of the song I have collected from a old hackers handbook. It is written by hacker, codenamed Nutcracker, which is believed to be an intruder from UK.
Song is all the way giving out expressions, joy and funs any hacker having while hacking. I have putted before some general posts named, top ten hackers and hacker’s rules this one is funny song that any one would like but only can be enjoyed with an hacker minded person.

Enough, introduction here it comes the funniest and realistic song.
The Hackers’ Song

“Put another password in,
Bomb it out and try again
Try to get past logging in,
We’re hacking, hacking, hacking

Try his first wife’s maiden name,
This is more than just a game,
It’s real fun, but just the same,
It’s hacking, hacking, hacking”

The Nutcracker (Hackers UK)


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