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uCertify E312-50-v6 CEH Course Review : Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures

The only purpose I started this blog 4 years ago was to make it easy for aspiring ethical hacking students learn the everything in simplified & arranged manner. It consumed plenty of my  time when I first started of & everything was scattered all over the web. And because this ‘Hacking’ industry have its Black & White hat areas, It was really hard to find any mentors for learning. So today I am reviewing one of the most organized learning system from uCertify named E312-50-v6 Prepkit.

You might be already aware that there are several exam to begin with in career in ethical hacking. Now, CEH v6 is one of the exam that most of the  aspirants have to deal with first this exam to learn & understand Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures.

uCertify E312-50-v6 is a preparation kit offered by uCertify.com, makes it very easy  to prepare yourself for CEH v6 exam, which guarantees success in the exam. Just to let you know I have personally tried using  the full version of this Prepkit, only to tell you how good or bad this Prepkit  is.

And I must say – They have covered every single detail that any ethical hacking student must know. More interesting thing I would like to specially mention is, ‘Even If you are an absolute beginner they have provided all the modules to make it easy to learn

Even if you have no idea what is Linux is & how it works ? The Prepkit have answer for that too !!

uCertify Ethical Hacking Prepkit

uCertify E312-50-v6 Prepkit Overview

As I told this Prepkit deals with basics of Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures, They have tried to make you understand everything with the Study Help modules. You get number of Exam Standard/Objectives, Articles, How To’s, Notes & Key terms which you can understand about before you are heading for the  tests.

You get numerous practice tests, some diagnostic tests & interactive tests for checking your level of understanding the topics covered. Moreover you can also add custom tests for making it more challenging to learn ethical hacking. All the tests are properly timed to check whether you are preparing well according to the timeline.

What else you ever need to prepare yourself ?

Well, they have provided you to store test histories, reports to analyze while you progress with the learning. Prepkit covers much more smaller details and modules than mentioned here, and everything is well organized in very usable interface accessible on your home PC. I personally feel this Prepkit was good enough for any student to pass CEH exam. You never need to opt for very expensive educational institutes , No need for any mentor.

The Prepkit alone will get the job done for you. All you have to do is Download the Prepkit, Practise & Practice until you are fully prepared for EC Council CEH v6.

uCertify offers such Prepkits for many of different exams and subjects related to Computers & web, You can know more about them by visiting Official website of uCertify.

Click here to get uCertify E312-50-v6  Prepkit.





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