Debug: Learn how to crack windows, programs ect manually

Debug is a program that comes with modern versions of DOS (I do not know when I started shipping out with DOS). Anyway, all Windows users should have it already.

It’s a great tool for debuging programs, unassembling and cracking, and reading “hidden” memory areas like the boot sector, and much more.

The following was copied from an assembly tutorial who’s author we cannot credit, because we have no idea who he is.

Get into DOS and type “debug”, you will get a prompt like this:
now type “?”, you should get the following response:

assemble A [address]
compare C range address
dump D [range]
enter E address

    fill F range list
    go G [=address] [addresses]
    hex H value1 value2
    input I port
    load L [address] [drive] [firstsector] [number]
    move M range address
    name N [pathname] [arglist]
    output O port byte
    proceed P [=address] [number]
    quit Q
    register R [register]
    search S range list
    trace T [=address] [value]

    Amol Wagh

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