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8 Quick Tips To Stay Secure While Gaming Online

Gaming online has become a lucrative market and many small and medium-sized businesses are taking part in the growth of this industry by offering their unique game experiences. As a player, we have a lot of options to choose from, and a lot of offers to fall prey to, especially if you’re not concerned about your online gaming security. Things are even worse for games that involve financial participation like online gambling or poker.

Today, we’re giving you 8 handy tips along with answers to some most asked questions related to this issue. 

8 Quick Tips for Online Gaming Security

1. Always choose a username that does not resemble your actual name. Make sure that you reveal the least amount of your personal information to other players while playing online.

2. The importance of using strong passwords for your online accounts cannot be stressed anymore. Everyone is aware of how important your username and passwords are. So make sure it is strong and do not share it with anyone else.

3. When you are done playing online games, make sure that you log out of the website before you close the browser. Many of us tend to simply close the browser when we are done with our task. But this can prove risky as you still seem active for the online game and some hacker can exploit this vulnerability.

4. When you gamble online, you tend to win and lose, and the amount is credited or debited from your account accordingly. So go through your bank statement carefully and see if the transactions are correct and that no fraud has taken place.

5. Before you go online for your gambling session, make sure that you have a good antivirus, and it is fully updated and the firewall is running.

6. If you get emails from companies which you don’t recognize, DO NOT REPLY!

7. When you are gambling, keeping a constant check on your spending should be your number 1 habit.

8. The Basics of Random Number Generators (RNGs): Gambling works on numbers. Online casino’s use “Random Number Generators” (RNGs) tool to create a truly random number. You have absolutely no way to identify if the number generated in the game at the casino is fair or not. Online casino’s use virtual slot reels and decks of cards. Therefore, the RNG is the only tool which can ensure that the spin of the slot or the deal of the card is truly based on chance and is not rigged by any outside force.

A reputable online casino will always provide complete information about their RNG to the users. They will also employ third-party independent companies to regularly test and verify their RNG. The results of these verifications should be easily available on the casino’s website.

Be Aware of Fairness in Online Gaming, Here are some most asked questions…

What is eCOGRA?

e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, shortly known as eCOGRA, is an organization that audits and monitors online gambling operators globally. This organization is recognized globally by all reputed online casino’s worldwide.

The casinos certified by eCOGRA will display the eCOGRA seal on their website. You can click on this seal to know more about the particular aspects of the casino’s operation that were audited or tested by eCOGRA. This seal is a sign of trust for the users.

What is TST?

Technical Systems Testing (TST) is a globally recognized organization for testing and compliance of casinos and other online gaming companies. This organization provides various auditing services to secure online gaming companies and casinos.

What is the Payout Percentage?

The average rate of return for a given game is called as a payout percentage. Example: If a slot machine has a return rate of 90%, then this means that in aggregate, if $1.00 is wagered, then $0.90 will be returned to the players in winnings

Why do Payout Percentages vary across games?

There are a lot of reasons for this. Not each game has the same structure. Due to the different structure of the games, the payout is different. You may see that games with big-ticket jackpots will give you a worse payout percentage overall. Some casino’s, to promote themselves, will offer a higher payout percentage. And some games can offer better odds than other games.


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