Cortexica Delivers ‘Machine Learning Models-as-a-Service’ on AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning

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updated: Nov 29, 2018 10:00 EST

?????Today, Cortexica publishes 5 of its models to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace for Machine Learning, allowing all developers to build and deploy their own Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

“We all know that machine learning and AI look to change the workplace, in terms of improving productivity and increasing sales. However, many companies are yet to fully embrace and incorporate these technologies into their process, applications and hardware.  The reality is, not many companies have the data engineers or scientists available to deep dive into a world of AI-driven transformation. But, with the launch of the AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning, it changes this by making machine learning accessible to everyday developers and facilitates a much faster process to build and deploy machine learning models.”  Comments Stuart Hubbard, CTO at Cortexica.

Cortexica currently has 5 machine learning models available on AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning, designed for: 

1.   Fashion localiser (CPU): Detect multiple items of clothing within an image
2.   Fashion localiser (GPU)
3.   Interiors localizer: Detect items of furnishing within an image
4.   Person detection: Detect people within an image
5.   Body part detection: Detect different body parts of people within an image

One example of where Cortexica adds value is working in partnership with Hammerson, a retail property group with a portfolio of 22 shopping centres and 15 retail parks in 14 countries, for the delivery of its AI-powered visual search technology in its app ‘Style Seeker’. 

For Hammerson, it is extremely important to make shopping in their centres a positive and immersive experience for both retailers and customers. 

Taking a lead in digital innovation with its latest app, ‘Style Seeker’, powered by Cortexica’s visual search and image recognition technology, customers are able to search almost 360,000 items from brands like John Lewis, River Island & Next in one click, whilst continuing to enjoy a leisurely shopping centre experience.

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For further information contact Angela Kennedy on or +44 (0) 203 868 8880

About Cortexica
Cortexica are leaders in AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision for image and video analysis. Focused on creating and turning cutting-edge AI and machine learning research into real world solutions that make businesses commercially stronger.

Starting life from the Bio-engineering Department at Imperial College London, Cortexica originated from a research project to reverse-engineer the human visual cortex, and now has its own team of PhD researchers and engineers that form the back bone of its video centre of excellence. 

We are proud to be independent whilst pro-actively partnering with Cisco, Accenture, Axis, AAEON, Intel, as well as global leading academic institutions. 

Source: Cortexica