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Sherpa Announces Its Predictive Digital Assistant AI Platform for Third Parties

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updated: Jun 19, 2018

Sherpa, one of the most innovative companies in Artificial Intelligence, today announced the launch of Sherpa Platform, based on its revolutionary predictive AI technology, with open APIs to facilitate a wide range of consumer, business and industrial applications. Enabling a new relationship between manufacturers and their customers, Sherpa names German automaker Porsche as one of its first partners to integrate the technology into future car models.

Sherpa has been a leader in AI innovation since its 2012 founding and was named one of the 100 most innovative AI companies in the world by CB Insights. The company was named a finalist at the CogX Artificial Intelligence Awards, rated second only after Google DeepMind, and holds the distinction of being the most downloaded personal assistant app in the Spanish-speaking world. The Sherpa app is also available in English.

Sherpa’s algorithms leap-frog today’s implementations of personal digital assistants to begin to achieve a concept that until now, has only been imagined — conversational, predictive and constantly learning from our environment and behaviors. Sherpa analyzes the cloud of daily data that surrounds us, learning and updating continuously, taking in demographic profiles, personal interests, user habits and much more to proactively offer solutions as users move about their day.

“Sherpa is going to be your trusted friend,” said Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria, CEO and founder of Sherpa. “The key word is ‘trust,’ as we believe that the key to making AI accessible is user experience. The fear and mistrust many have toward AI are in large part because they haven’t had a positive experience with the technology. By anticipating your interests and performing transactions that simplify daily living, Sherpa is building a better relationship between the tech and the consumer. While we have our own exciting products planned for the year ahead, we can’t wait to see what manufacturers and brands do with the Sherpa platform. Instead of a feature battle, let’s start a user experience war.”

Sherpa Platform will consist of three focus areas – Home, Mobile and Car – giving it the ability to serve a vast portion of business and consumer brands. Imagine starting the car and automatically receiving a traffic report, along with route directions to bypass congestion. Integrations with the local coffee shop’s app would enable Sherpa to order a user’s regular coffee for pickup along their route. Calendar integrations would enable Sherpa to automatically dial into a conference call and alert the user when the call begins. And integration with a voice recording app might enable Sherpa to take notes from the meeting, quickly look up information pertinent to the conversation and capture follow-up items, placing items on a to-do list.

The potential uses are in the thousands. The more consumer apps (hardware or software) that tap into the Sherpa platform, the greater the learning engine will be, building on the inputs of millions of users. The AI future we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. It’s time to meet Sherpa.

About Sherpa

Sherpa was founded in 2012 in Bilbao, Spain, with the intent of creating a truly indispensable personal assistant. The predictive engine that organizes a user’s life, Sherpa learns from the user, giving them all the information relevant to them before they even think to ask. Thanks to its strong AI algorithms that predict and present anything a user may need, Sherpa’s technology is able to mimic human intelligence, putting the user at the center of their digital life.  

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