NetCentric and the First Quantitative Strategic Trading Robots Aim to Open Up a World of Trading Automation to Everyone

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updated: Nov 13, 2018 06:00 PST

?NetCentric, the AI- and community-based decentralized quantitative asset trading platform, is going to provide exclusive quantitative trading technologies for all crypto-investors.

In today’s investment environment, average investors require a tremendous amount of resources and expertise to have access towards usage of quantitative trading. Therefore, all the top-notch private wealth management assets have centralized exclusivity and access to investment institutions, such as hedge funds, ventral capital and private equity. These institutions employ individuals with engineering, math and physics educations from top academic schools to build, trade and implement quantitative trading models. So the barrier to entry into automated quantitative trading requires very specific knowledge and education as well as resources such as superfast computer trading infrastructure along with cash assets to trade.

NetCentric is here to provide a platform to decentralize and democratize equally qualifying wealth management access such as quantitative trading services for everyone. Besides releasing and trading NetCentric NET tokens which will be used within the platform, there will be models offering other mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ETH, Ripple and EOS. The NetCentric trading platform brings experienced and novice cryptocurrency investors opportunities and potential to earn tokens, manage risk and make money.

“NetCentric is the first AI- and community-based quantitative strategic trading platform out there,” said Jing Huang, the co-founder of NetCentric. “This technology will be the future trend, even for people who have quantitative trading experience, because it can greatly reduce the possibility of subjective judgment and irrational investment decisions.”

The core content of quantitative trading is whether the strategy itself is effective or adaptable to the dynamic environment. All trading models are relevant but their application in regard to appropriate market conditions is where skill, experience, risk management, insight and analysis come into play.

In this respect, we are currently completing the establishment of the first official strategy library, which includes around 30 quantitative strategies, covering the current mainstream needs. After hundreds of hours of reliability testing, these strategies are formulated by our quantitative team which has more than 10 years of traditional financial quantitative trading and blockchain experience.

With cutting-edge technology and insightful business vision, NetCentric is well-funded by world-class internet and finance giants including Huobi Eco, ICONIZ, Float Capital and Hello Capital. Recently, NetCentric received a new investment from Bibox, one of the top 10 crypto-trading exchanges in the world. All the top crypto-exchanges such as Huobi and Bibox share the same vision and work together with NetCentric to make quantitative trading assessable for all investors.

NetCentric just released its demo version. Check it out at

Please stay tuned for the NetCentric platform beta version going live very soon.


NetCentric is an AI- and community-based decentralized quantitative asset trading platform.

Users only need to assemble an “intelligent trading robot,” just as building up Lego™ blocks, to achieve fully intelligent automatic trading without requiring a complicated quantification process with a large number of academic resources. NetCentric’s vision is to open up the world of trading automation for everyone. 

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