Steganography: Hiding Files In Images

Steganography is method of hiding files in image files.

This is used mostly on a network so that files can be stored secretly. This method is very harmful for those where source codes of viruses and and programs can be stored. Also some secret file can also be stored and it can be any information about sytem and system weaknesses.

Following are the softwares used for setganography:



1. Image Hide

2. Snow: Fioles are sored in white or blank spaces of any text files.

3. MP3stegno: Used for storing files in MP3 file format which is almost undetectable.

Prevention Measures Against Steganography:

We can use softwares for setecting such files and we can also tranck the stored content for the security of the system.

Stegdetect: This simple software detects such files stored on system or network.

Stegbreak: Used to crack the password of such files by Dictionary attack.

Amol Wagh

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