Airtel Launches Blackberry Services In India – Next Gen E-Mailing

Airtel Blackberry Services – The Next gen emailing service.

So, What is this actually?

Imagine, like an sms you can directly send emails from your mobile phones. Type email ID , Write mail send. And again use your handset as normal phone. This what exactly blackberry services means.

There are three plans you’ll get with Airtel-

Blackberry 249 – All month free GPRS on your cell.

But for sending direct mail u need 10ps/KB(means blackberry)

Blackbery 499 – Again Free GPRS with some charges less than 249 plans per KB

Blackberry 899 – The premium plan in which Free GPRS all month with ullimited Emails free with NO PER KB CHARGES.


But you need hi-ranged mobile phones like Nokia Communicator or E-series mobiles. Means your normal GPRS enabled phone is not enough , not even N-Series.

Billing :

This is availabale for all postpaid billing users. So whatever  plan you are using this blackberry monthly subscription charges plus bill will be added with your postpaid bills.

Means you have to pay extra subsription charges.

To Buy or Not ?

Well , if you use GPRS every moth you ll need Rs.349 per month .Rather than if you use Blackberry you ll need minimum Rs 249. So you save 100 bucks right here.

PLus advanced mailing can help you in emergency. BUt if you are an irregular GPRS user I dont suggest you to use Blackbery.

Airtel have already launched this service in INDIA and soon you ll recive calls from Airtel offices to subscribe for this Blackberry.