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Biggest Security Flaw In Every System

        Imagine , You have a computer system or a network. You have plenty of anti viruses and firewalls installed on your system for security. Still there is a security flaw, and it is biggest through which hackers or viruses attacks.

      All these security softwares are 90% perfect to ensure your security but where they lag is the the tendency of user. tendency to ignore things.

     Your firewall always asks you that something is getting changed in system or you are connecting to insecure server. And then it asks whether to ‘Allow’ or ‘Deny’ the change. And then as usual you alway Click on allow because you have hurry to get the things, because your site is stopped still you click on it. And this is where you make the biggest mistake. Because of your ignorance the antivirus or firewalls fails totally. Because you never read what was the warning, why this warning is there. It is there to notify a suspicious document or a website. You should read that carefully then accept or deny it.

Again one more mistake you frequently do is click on every link you see in your email , you can read the that link , and check what it is about, at least you can guess. Because you always get promotional offers on internet and sometimes lottery notifications saying : YOU ARE SELECTED AS OUR LUCKY WINNER. and you click the link to receive the money, you get virus installed on it. So don’t do it.

Only one thing to prevent all these is to ignore that ‘Ignorance’. Read things, read the names of webpages you are visiting, just try to look at things clearly. You can be better secured than these so called anti- dash dash softwares. 

Have nice time. And keep eye on what you are clicking.

Amol Wagh






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