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Bluebugging: Type of Bluetooth Hacking

Bluebugging is also one form of Bluetooth hacking .It was first discovered German researcher Martin Herfurt . He got the motivation from the Bluesnarf attack.

Bluebugging is very much different from the bluesnarfing. In bluebugging allows an individuals to access the mobile phone commands using Bluetooth wireless technology without knowing the phone’s user .The hacker can access the phone memory and connect internet without knowing the user . Hacker can also initiate phone calls, send and read SMS, listen the phone conversion. But here the hacker must be at range of 10 meters while in bluesnarf it is upto 100 meters.



Initially bluebugging was carried using the laptops. But as the technology as boomed it can be carried on powerful PDA’s and mobile devices. Futher development of bluebugging tools the hacker can also take the control of victim’s phone. The hacker not only make call’s ,send MSG’s essentially do anything to the cell phone.

In bluebugging ,the hacker search for the establishment of connection i.e it searches for switch on bluetooth cell phone . Once the connection is established by pairing of device . It can do anything with the device.

Bluebugging cannot harm all the cell phones ,due to less range. But this can be avoided by switching OFF the Bluetooth to non discoverable mode.
This article is to inform the people about consequences of bluebugging. And also include how to protect from it.

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