Clover Health Partners With HealthHelp

Clover Health, a healthcare company using technology to improve medical outcomes, today announced a new partnership with collaborative care management leader, HealthHelp, a WNS company. This partnership will enable both companies to deliver care that is highly-personalized and fully aligned with individual member needs across radiology, cardiology, oncology, musculoskeletal, and sleep care. Also included, is an Integrative Oncology program that creates a continual pathway for managing cancer. This unites multiple aspects of cancer care, including screening, risk modeling, imaging & staging, biopsies and interventions, prognostic indicators, and treatments including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, supportive therapy, oncology surgeries.
WNS-HealthHelp has a consultative process that utilizes evidence-based guidelines to directly help providers facilitate the most appropriate tests and procedures for their patients. This collaborative approach leverages panels of specialists throughout the country to ensure that every patient has access to the best doctors in each practice field and the most up-to-date form of care.
“Clover Health is proud to join forces with HealthHelp, a trailblazer in the prior-authorization space,” said Ethan Lipkind, Head of Network and Development, Clover Health. “Actively collaborating with physicians and provider networks minimizes roadblocks, moving towards a non-denial approach of insurance that guarantees our members receive appropriate and timely care. Most importantly, everything is done in the best interest of the member, as the HealthHelp platform removes any financial incentive to approve or deny coverage.”
HealthHelp also provides education and access to a network of leading practicing specialists, resulting in improved transparency, safety, and quality of care. Doctors have no financial incentive to recommend or deny treatment that is not in the best interest of the patient. As a result, members and providers benefit from increased collaboration between physicians and provider networks, further strengthening rapport and communication activities and ensuring optimal care.
“WNS-HealthHelp is pleased to partner with Clover Health, an innovative leader in non-denial health insurance coverage,” said Cherrill Farnsworth, CEO, WNS-HealthHelp. “Clover Health’s unparalleled data analytics and mission to improve the member experience align perfectly with the work we are doing to strengthen provider-payer relationships.”
The partnership is now in effect in all Clover markets. Currently, Clover serves more than 30,000 seniors and others eligible for Medicare in parts of Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas.

About Clover Health

Clover Health is a healthcare technology company with a deeply-rooted mission of helping its members live their healthiest lives. Clover uses its proprietary technology platform to collect, structure and analyze health and behavioral data to improve medical outcomes and lower costs for patients. As the only company whose business goals fully align with its members’ health needs, Clover works with members and their caregivers to become a valued partner. This trust is built by proactively identifying at-risk individuals and teaming up with providers to accelerate care coordination and simultaneously improve health outcomes and reduce avoidable costs. Clover is headquartered in San Francisco.

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About HealthHelp

HealthHelp, a WNS Company, is a leader in specialty benefits management. HealthHelp generates significant savings and return on investment for health care payers by enhancing physician knowledge, improving the quality of care, and reducing unnecessary radiation exposure. Each of its programs addresses a different aspect of radiology, cardiology, oncology, musculoskeletal, and sleep care. The clients of Houston-based HealthHelp administer local, statewide, and national health care plans across the country.

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About WNS

WNS (Holdings) Limited (NYSE: WNS), is a leading global business process management company. WNS offers business value to 350+ global clients by combining operational excellence with deep domain expertise in key industry verticals including Travel, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods, Shipping and Logistics, Healthcare and Utilities. WNS delivers an entire spectrum of business process management services such as finance and accounting, customer interaction services, technology solutions, research and analytics and industry specific back office and front office processes. As of September 30, 2018, WNS had 38,516 professionals across 57 delivery centers worldwide including China, Costa Rica, India, Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.

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