Godzillion Announces Its Token Sale

As a Team, we are very excited to announce that on August 25, 2017 our project Godzillion will create 300 million of a Token call GODZ, on the Ethereum Blockchain. From that 300,000,000 of GODZ, 210,000,000 (70%) will be available for participants, at a Swap rate of 2,000 GODZ per 1 Ether.

These tokens called GODZ are used to operate our Decentralized Application (DApp), a platform built in Solidity (Architecture of Smart Contracts) that operates on the Ethereum Blockchain. Godzillion’s DApp does not use a central server to run user processes or logs.

In this platform people vote, fund and trade startups 24/7. Startups submit their proposals to be funded with a reward and people vote to decide if will be allowed to post an auction. If the Startup has been voted YES, the Startup can issue their tokens and people can participate in its crowdfunding campaign. You can sell the Startup tokens at any time.

Godzillion DApp is already operating and has already facilitated the financing, via issuance of tokens, of four Chilean startup companies.

In order to decentralize the entire Startup financing process, including the voting phase that precedes a crowdfunding campaign, we created GODZ, which function as a voting token, attracting participants to vote by giving them a financial incentive. GODZ are also the units of value that participants use to fund startups on Godzillion. And GODZ are also the native currency of the Godzillion exchange.

The amount of GODZ sold will let us implement road map that encompasses four main branches of implementing priorities over the four-year planning horizon. The priority activities and enhancements include specific activities to achieve Development and Enhancement, Marketing and Promotion, and Legal and Compliance tasks and milestones.

In Development & Enhancement our focus is to create new smart contracts related to portfolio management decisions, a smart contract that can manage functionality of a money market, even to develop Decentralized RoboTrader, among other new features to the DApp. In Marketing and Promotion our focus is to bring Startups to the platform, because as soon as the GODZ ICO ends, participants will hold GODZ and will be waiting for Startups to post their proposals to be voted on, and participants will be waiting to bid in the auctions in which the Startups seek to issue tokens. We already have a list of more than 50 startups worldwide to publish.

The team is led by his CEO Rodrigo Sainz, and his COO Cristobal Pereira, both Chilean entrepreneurs with more than 20 years combined experience in the financial and tech sector in Latin America and Europe. Both have been working together since they founded mifutu.ro in the year 2013, a company that has created and implemented two platforms in the fintech sector.

Our company has also been funded by angel and venture capital funds from Chile and Europe. People with expertise compose the advisors to the board like John C. Edmunds, PhD Harvard and Finance Professor, Fernando Ventureira, PhD Phanteon Assas and CEO of Stratence Partners, José Luis Ruiz, PhD Wharton and Finance Professor at the Universidad de Chile, David Diaz, PhD Manchester Business School and Business Intelligence professor, and Roberto Darrigrandi, MBA Chicago and Economist.

Token Sale Process

The Token Sale process will start this Wednesday 23rd at 22:00 UTC when we open the registration process on our platform at this URL address godzillion.io/crowdsale. During the registration process, all the information related to security and procedures will be available for the participants. The cryptocurrency allowed to participate in this process will be Ether.

The smart contract that will support this token sale will be a swap. This means that for all the participants that are registered and send ether to our smart contract, they will receive the GODZ immediately. In case the case that a participant wants to buy more than 20 ether worth of GODZ, he will need to upload just two documents that will be available in the control panel of the participant of this token sale. If that information is not available, the GODZ will be frozen in a smart contract waiting for the information from the owner. Individuals and venture capital or private equity funds are invited to participate in this process.

The token sale will be available for 30 days until September 24th at 21:59, and is not available to US Residents.

We invite you to be part of this Token Sale. You will find more information on our webpage godzillion.io, or on our social network, twitter, slack and telegram.