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Security with Data Encryption

You might have heard this term many times before but what it is actually? I am trying to explain it here in a small funny scenario.


Person A has to send message to B. and some person wanted that message too we name it Mr. X.


A wrote the letter and send it B by mail. Now Mr. X get this message by any ways. He reads message and secret in it is revealed.


Next time A writes massage in secret words (Encryption) and if now Mr. X gat that message he can not understand what is written. Or get fooled by wrong message and the secret is saved.


Ok. Let me explain now data encryption with above scene.

I have a message, I encode it with some key which is known to A and B both.


How key works?

Well these are the normal words we use.


I encrypt it with Key 2. Now the words become. CDEFGHI

A-> C , B ->D and so on…


By this way data get encrypted and third person can’t read if he don’t know the key.


By same encryption method, on the networks data get transferred with secured communication. Even if data loss takes place, the data is of no use without decryption.


In figure, you can see data first get encrypted with key. The encrypted data is known as Cipher Text. Then with same key, receiver decrypts data and secure transfer takes place.


This encryption and decryption is done with the help of programs or clipper chips generally. And they have to be installed on both senders

And receiver end.


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