The world’s first Blockchain/Cryptocurrency fund of funds now accepting investment.

Luxembourg, November 2017 – The world’s first blockchain/cryptocurrency fund of funds, is now open for investment to qualified investors. The Fund is an open-ended fund of funds domiciled in Luxembourg. It provides unique diversification and applies traditional/rigorous due diligence for investor’s peace of mind. It will invest in a carefully selected portfolio of blockchain/cryptocurrency investment funds, which apply a variety of strategies within the sector and have a combined AUM of over US$500m.

The Fund’s management company, Block Asset Management S.à.r.l., is domiciled in Luxembourg and registered with the CSSF.

Block Asset Management’s Founders and directors, Manuel E. De Luque Muntaner and Kevin Ballard, said that they are “thrilled to be able to bring to market a holistic approach to the world’s newest and fastest growing asset class”.

Mr Ballard added “After a year of global market research, we realised that interest in the blockchain/crypto space is extremely high. However, feedback from professional and institutional investors is that whilst they acknowledge their understanding of this sector is fairly limited, they do recognise it can generate high returns (albeit in a high-risk environment). Investors have also been hesitant due to difficulties in selecting a single strategy or manager. This is compounded by a lack of funds that offer diversification or any material performance history. This feedback made Manuel and I realise that by providing a more diverse investment opportunity BAM would provide an intelligent solution to the concerns investors have when they consider this exciting new space.”

Mr. De Luque Muntaner, Block Asset Management’s CEO, added “We knew that many funds existed in the crypto space, but most would clearly not pass any comprehensive, serious due diligence. However, relying on Block Asset Management’s team, we successfully completed months of extensive analysis of dozens of funds and eventually approved the best funds for inclusion in the fund” He continued “Market research also made it very clear that investors preferred a Luxembourg investment vehicle with independent, third-party service providers: custodian, administrator and auditor. For BAM this was of paramount importance”

Block Asset Management believe that we are in the early adoption stage of cryptocurrency/blockchain technology and that investor demand will increase dramatically further enhancing values. Via the Fund, investors gain diversified exposure to this dynamic new asset class by way of the funds unique five-prong investment approach: exposure to tracking/index, trading, mining, lending and ICO funds through carefully selected managers and funds.

The Block Asset Management team includes experts with over 100 years combined experience in the fund & asset management industry. The team includes world renowned Crypto expert Timothy Enneking who has been managing Crypto assets since 2013.

Block Asset Management has already received substantial commitments from global asset managers and family offices ready for launch and we continue to actively seek further investment.

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