?Marcello Mari joins mad4digital as Head of ICO Strategy

(12 July 2018) London, UK – Mad4digital – a digital tech marketing company with a focus on blockchain tech enterprises – has appointed Marcello Mari as Head of ICO Strategy to lead the design, development, and execution of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) campaigns.

Mad4digital works with firms that have created proprietary technology or have designed technology-enabled solutions to amplify their clients online marketing performance. They have extensive knowledge of blockchain technology and are experts in the development of strategies, websites, campaigns, and promotions, as well as executing post-ICO marketing strategies for companies looking to continue building their brand, drive engagement, and deliver value to their stakeholders.

Marcello Mari has served as head of PR and Blockchain to two of the most successful ICOs of the last 10 months. He has raised $36 million in 60 seconds with AI project SingularityNet, and $575 million in private sale with media streaming platform TATATU. As Head of PR, he built online communities, addressing the right channels to create the best narrative and organising effective media coverage at every opportunity. rel=”nofollow”>As Head of Blockchain, he led the blockchain team from idea inception through blockchain optimisation, marketing, and PR. He also guided NapoleonX ICO as a marketing and PR advisor and has wide-ranging journalistic credentials, having written about blockchain and ICOs for The Guardian, TechCrunch, Wired Italy and many corporate blogs internationally.

Marcello says: “I’m very excited to support mad4digital and its team of successful talents to navigate the extremely complex and ever-changing world of ICO marketing. Together we’ll be able to scale and bring many projects to success.”

“We are delighted to work with Marcello,” says Donavan Whyte, Commercial Director of mad4digital. “He has a strong combination of talents that perfectly marries our own commitment to delivering the best in ICO marketing. Marcello brings a high level of experience in an area where his sort of talent is still hard to find. We look forward to leveraging our ever-expanding ICO and post-ICO client projects with even deeper expertise to make sure they reach their full potential.”


About mad4digital

Mad4digital is a UK-based tech marketing company passionate about emergent technologies and blockchain-enabled solutions.

They are expert in humanising the brand experience of tech-enabled enterprises across a variety of sectors and in developing strategies, websites, campaigns, and promotions to help businesses build their brand, drive engagement, and deliver value to their stakeholders. They work primarily with two types of clients:

  • Companies who have developed innovative, forward-thinking technology;
  • Blockchain and ICO entrepreneurs looking for ICO and post-ICO marketing strategies.

Visit: https://www.mad4digital.com