ZorroSign Recognized Among 20 Most Promising FinTech Solution Providers in 2018

ZorroSign Inc., announced today that it has been recognized among the top 20 most promising corporate finance technology solution providers in 2018 by CIO Review Magazine. ZorroSign is a developer of a complete Digital Transaction Management platform which includes its proprietary Electronic Signature, automation and workflow builder, and intelligent forms.

Perhaps the biggest differentiator of the industry is ZorroSign’s proprietary and unique blockchain-based tokenization technology that detects document fraud and tampering. It also includes Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant audit trail, chain of custody and document verification and authentication technology, all based on permissions-based private blockchain.

“The biggest missing piece in the electronic document transaction puzzle is an efficient Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution,” says Shamsh Hadi, co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign Inc. “Our ultimate aim is to help the banking and financial services firms go digital in a very complete and secure way.” 

Our ultimate aim is to help the banking and financial services firms go digital in a very complete and secure way.

Mr. Shamsh Hadi

Co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign Inc.

Click here to read the complete article on how ZorroSign is taking eSignature to the Next Echelon. To learn more about ZorroSign eSignature and DTM solution, visit http://www.zorrosign.com.

About ZorroSign

ZorroSign Inc. is the pioneer of electronic signature technology and the developer of ZorroSign DTM, a unified platform and complete Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management solution. ZorroSign’s unique Document 4n6 (forensics) technology offers post-execution fraud detection and verification and authentication of electronic signatures and documents using blockchain tokenization.

ZorroSign DTM streamlines end-to-end digital transactions with its bank-grade security and by using its core technology including real eSignature, electronic document security, enterprise-grade workflows, intelligent forms, document management system and intelligent forms that use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

For more information and to try ZorroSign for free, go to http://www.zorrosign.com.


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