?Dozens of startups launching Pre-ICOs at the ICO-Hypethon 2017

The World’s first ever ICO-Hypethon takes place over 2 days from Aug 16th at St. Petersburg’s trendy Street Art Museum. The event is hosted by Crypto Friends meetup and supported by Waves Platform and the consultancy company Eberhard Lindfordt. Over a thousand attendees are expected within 48-hours, and is expected to be one of the biggest blockchain conferences ever held in the city.

ICO-Hypethon is open to everyone with an interest in crypto. The Street Art Museum will also open its outdoor public space to ICO-Hypethon attendees, where there will be music, food trucks, lectures and screenings of blockchain documentaries.

ICO-Hypethon is a mix between a hackathon and a festival for the crypto community. It will bring together a wide range of people interested in crypto. It’s an opportunity for people to meet with like-minded people and industry leaders, learn new content and gain new market info.” explains Daria Arefieva, founder of Crypto Friends and the organizer of the event.

Blockchain startups will launch their pre-ICOs with the support of domain experts and mentors and compete for the ICO Angels prize pool.

ICO-Hypethon brings together the people behind great blockchain projects that are ready to ICO and connects them to ICO Angels and experts.” explains Sasha Ivanov, Founder & CEO Waves platform.

The organizers hope introducing the startups to ICO Angels & experts will help the crypto community as a whole to assess token sales better. Teams will be carefully vetted prior for quality and trust before competing.

ICO tokens are bearer instruments held anonymously. Although less likely to be traded in US and sold to US buyers, they are not going away.” says Jon Matonis, Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation, who will be a speaker and a judge at the event.

Eyal Hertzog co-founder at Bancor whose recent token sale raised more than $150M, Tone Vays, and more local blockchain experts including Artem Tolkachev (Deloitte), Dmitry Machikhin (Gmt Legal), Yuri Lobyntsev (Cindicator) Mikhail Lunev (Ecoinomy), Anatoly Kaplan (Forklog) will be attending.

St Petersburg: Tech Hub

Software companies such as Google, Microsoft, VK, SEM Rush, IQ Options, VEEAM, have long-been established in St Petersburg, selling their product and services locally as well as to the West, Europe, Asia and South Pacific continents but they’ve also been attracted to the high quality of programmer talent available.

This is a really exciting time to be involved in anything blockchain related. Everyday the ecosystem grows bigger. I see the Russian market growing exponentially over the coming months.” says Eric Benz, Managing Director at CryptoPay.me who will also be competing in the ICO-Hypethon.

CryptoFriends: CryptoFriends event series is supported by Waves Platform and run by Eberhard Lindfordt, a marketing consulting firm, specializing in the fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The firm offers its services to talented teams, looking for funding through Initial Coin Offering. www.cryptofriends.io

WAVES: Waves is a decentralized platform for crowdfunding and the creation of digital tokens. Waves’ core business is asset/custom token issuance, transfer, and trading on blockchain. One of the project’s key features is simplicity of use and mass implementation. Proof-Of-Stake is expected to be used as the consensus algorithm. In June 2016, Waves completed the ICO, raising over USD 16 million (30,000 bitcoins). Waves is a top-10 blockchain project in terms of crowdfunding investments. Presently, the company’s capitalization about USD 350 million. Many startups, including MobileGo, ZrCoin, EncryptoTel, PrimalBase and Starta Accelerator held their ICOs via the platform.

August 16-17, 2017 | Venue: Street Art Museum, Sh. Revolyutsii 84, Saint Petersburg 195279

For further information please visit the conference’s website page: www.cryptofriends.io