Acreto Names Lukasz Klimek VP of Engineering and Opens New European Office

Award-winning IoT Security startup Acreto announced the addition of Lukasz Klimek as Vice President of Engineering, and the opening of its new IoT Security Research and Development office in Szczecin, Poland. Lukasz is a seasoned veteran in the development of robust security technologies, and the new office expands Acreto’s access to some of the finest development and security talent available.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies are a radical departure from any enterprise technology known today and represent one of the world’s fastest growing technology segments. However, these devices pose the greatest cyber-security challenge known to date, because current security technologies simply don’t work with IoTs. The mobile, distributed, resource-challenged, and purpose-built nature of IoTs make them fundamentally different.

Today’s fragmented and piecemealed security technologies are ill-suited to secure IoTs that have and continue to seep into our lives. Nation-state and financial hackers are jockeying to take over IoT infrastructure specifically because of how easily these devices can be compromised and controlled.

IoTs are being embedded into everything from the coffee machine to complex supply chains. Our [security] work is critically important and very much needed by the industry.

Lukasz Klimek,

VP of Engineering

“I’m delighted to join Acreto and proud to be a part of this incredibly talented and seasoned team. It’s exciting and challenging to work on securing IoT Ecosystems – which is one of the most compelling technology problems today,” says Klimek. “IoTs are being embedded into everything from the coffee machine to complex supply chains. Our work is critically important and very much needed by the industry.”

Acreto’s platform is specifically designed to secure vulnerable, mobile and distributed IoT Ecosystems that are quickly becoming the backbone of both business and medical fields. Without industry-wide standards to speak of, IoTs often operate across insecure third-party networks or applications. Acreto IoT Security is specifically designed to protect these “in the wild” devices that can range from a $5 sensor to a billion-dollar satellite.

Lukasz Klimek, an accomplished Cloud Engineer with over 20 years of experience building complex software and security solutions, will manage the company’s global development team from Acreto’s new Szczecin Offices.

“At Acreto, we’ve gathered some of the best talents to help us address a profound industry problem – securing IoTs. We are excited to have Lukasz leading the development team,” says Babak Pasdar, Acreto’s CEO. “He has been instrumental in the development process and has already proven himself as a leader that can execute to meet the company’s development timelines.”

Klimek joined Acreto in an advisory and consultative role and is now a key and exclusive part of the Acreto team. He has an extensive technology background with previous leadership roles in software, Clouds, Cryptography, and Crypto-currency. 

“Opening an office in Poland is a great opportunity to continue the growth of our international footprint, and our Szczecin Development Office is a strategic hub to access both the Polish and German talent pools,” says Pasdar. “This is a solid step forward in the development of Acreto IoT Security, the first-ever security platform of its type.”

About Acreto IoT Security

Acreto delivers advanced security for IoT Ecosystems, from the cloud, and protects Crypto / Blockchain, Clouds, applications, users, and all purpose-built IoTs. The company is led by an experienced management team, with multiple successful cloud security innovations. Learn more at or @acretoio.


Alexandra Puchala

Manager, Marketing and Public Relations

Source: Acreto IoT Security