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Five Good Reasons to Install RDS-Knight Before Leaving on Holiday

Remote Desktop is a great tool to use on holiday as long as it’s completely secure. Users can log in to an interactive session on a remote system and start working wherever they are, directly in their professional environment and in Windows apps.

However, RDS and TSE systems have long been favorite targets of hackers because they have access to valuable information and are relatively easy to exploit. A successful attack can result in a number of devastating consequences, including financial loss, damage to brand reputation and loss of customer trust.

Thus, Remote Desktop must be used responsibly. It’s the perfect way to stay connected to the office from a distance, but not without precautions. That is why installing RDS-Knight 2.0 on servers is a necessity. It detects and fights security risks in real time.

Relax: Leave knowing that servers and data are protected

The RDS-Knight Security solution consists of a robust and integrated set of five security features to protect against remote desktop attacks. It helps keep unwanted users and devices from accessing the server. The integrated Defender blacklists any malicious IP attempting to connect using false credentials. Homeland Protection forbids connections from non-authorized countries, and the Endpoint protection blocks any connection from a device which has not been registered.

Key features around RDS-Knight focus on three main objectives:

  • Defend: Provides the necessary means to defend remote desktops against ever-evolving cyber threats.
  • Detect: Understands and investigates hostile actions in cyberspace.
  • Develop: Develops and enhances cyber security in remote desktop architectures with cutting-edge analysis.

Enjoy your time: Restrict user access in order to prevent trouble

Minimizing vulnerability to attacks with carefully controlled access is also an important part of the first line of defense. The biggest underlying problem with remote access technologies isn’t with remote access, it’s with poor identity validation and weak authentication. The biggest concern is when attackers exploit the remote access connection as a jumping-off point in order to get deeper into an organization. RDS-Knight uses security fundamentals to keep remote access usage in a safe zone, and restricts user rights within each session environment. With RDS-Knight, administrators can manage which user has access to what, what time they have access, and how much they have access to. The One Click to Secure Desktop feature gives the keys to apply a set of rules in minutes, with various levels of security. Administrators can also decide to limit connection to specific times, thanks to the Working Hours Restriction option.

Knowing that servers are protected from both external and internal threats, network administrators can take their days off without worry.

Maintain control: Detect threats and review protective measures in real-time

Beyond its RDS Server protection, RDS-Knight 2.0 is an actual tracking tool. It offers enhanced directory and data monitoring capabilities to better detect when remote access technologies are being used as part of an attack. The new “Events Viewer” interface instantly provides a list of all attempts, as well as the actions taken to block them. Prohibited access will be detected, automatically logged off the RDS server, and displayed in this section. Any new rule will automatically apply and will appear in the list of events.

With RDS-Knight Events Viewer, administrators are able to check incidents and threats in order to isolate and contain them, and to eventually better anticipate and apply the level of security needed.

React: Respond quickly when necessary

RDS-Knight is an easy and powerful security tool. Even on holiday, you can quickly react to breaches and mitigate damage, and to analyze, learn, and implement new rules when necessary.

All threats and security breaches can be reviewed through the Events Viewer. Administrators can go back in time and detect when the server is most often attacked, so they will know when it needs to be the most protected. With the easy-to-use interface and ready-to-apply set of restrictions, it takes only a few minutes to respond to urgent threats.

With these advantages in mind, why wait and take the risk? Just download RDS-Knight https://www.rds-tools.com/rds-knight-downloads/ and be assured of avoiding the worst while on holiday.

Step into a more secure world!

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