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GLAC’s Deep Dive Into Data Security

GLAC Consulting, a risk management company, offers security consulting aimed to provide business data security. This protection focuses on business intelligence, systems and process development and technology, corporate audit, and security and intelligence integral solutions.

Data security is essential to protect the company’s classified information. Risk management consulting protects company data that must follow the strictest security requirements. It is a legal requirement to protect private information.

GLAC Consulting data security uses high-value, substantive information for decision making, documents for planning, analysis, and knowledge of the sectors, organizations, and groups studied. The integration features a security master plan and the design and development of operational systems with performance tests.

Due diligence of companies and objective partners, analysis and restructuring of processes, asset tracking, intellectual property is a result of the corporate audit. The final feature is security and integral intelligence solutions which consists of the implementation of security and intelligence strategies, plans and programs with specialized human resources.

Other key components of their security consulting is Dossier GLAC, Security and well-being panorama, strategic sectors security, thematic studies, risk agenda, risk evaluation, and predictive analysis.

Government agencies have many touch points where workers, contractors, subcontractors, and employees even further removed can access data. While companies cannot stop these individuals, they do have the power to protect their data. GLAC Consulting has the necessary tools to make that possible.

About The Company: GLAC Consulting also offers complete solutions for security, technology, and risk analysis for the whole world. Under its director, Genaro Garcia Luna, GLAC Consulting utilizes the GLAC Shield further protect its clients. They are a risk management company that has the methods to help the world obtain better security.


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